One of my favorite traditions that I adhere to year after year is kickstarting my new year’s resolutions the day after Christmas! Or, you know, attempting to at least! Gotta get a little leg up on the competition, y’all 😉💕 While many are eating & drinking their way into holiday oblivion, ((whoever told you Christmas cookie calories don’t count lied… my scale is sayin’ otherwise!)) holiday cheer to me is slipping into a pair of lil Gucci tights, and my thigh-high boots not cutting into me like I’m some kind of stuffed sauseeege. Keep sippin’ on those 500 cal cups of spiked eggnog bliss if that’s your thang, sis… But if you want to get a bit of a head start on your 2022 glow up, here are 5 easy & fun ways to get it going!

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This magical pretty powder makes your skin glow, your hair grow, and somehow shifts your facial features so that you morph into Gigi Hadid. OH, YOU THINK I’M KIDDING?!?! It’s what beauty dreams are made of. Seriously though, I know for sure that one hit of this stuff in my coffee every single AM, for the past few years has made me prettier. A lot prettier. Simply add a scoop of pretty powder into your ((non iced)) bevvy of choice & let your transformation begin, cuz like… who doesn’t want glowing skin, shiny hair, long luscious lashes, and your best nails ever!?

Ready or not, bikini szn is going to creep up on us again in the blink of an eye! There’s no doubt that diet & fitness are among the most popular topics in Basic Repellent. We’re all out here trying to become skinny legends, ya know?! While I am absolutely not claiming to be a health expert or fitness guru, what I CAN promise is that I know every “hot girl hack” in the book, and swear that anyone could achieve a sexier, more snatched physique by following my tips & tricks spilled in The Body Guide II. Until then, here are the five most simple, basic things to do if you want to wake up feeling light, svelte, and sexy with noticeable results within 7 days: 

1)) Drink your weight in ounces in H20, per day. ((I do a gallon+, but I’m extra & also live in the desert))

2)) Stop being Carbie. Load up on lean proteins + delicious veggies, skip the rice // bread // pasta // gluten, etc. for a post-holiday week reset. It will honestly make a quick world of difference in your bod, and the way you feeeeeel and fast! My Ultimate Healthy Trader Joes Grocery List + tons of low-carb, nutrient dense, tasty meal ideas: here!

3)) Play with intermittent fasting. It takes a minute to get used to, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll feel unbelievable! I’ve been fasting regularly for over 3 years and had fabulous results + experienced many health benefits. More energy, less brain fog, and I never ever get that super hungry sensation ((if I’m diligent about IF!))

4)) Find a workout you’re obsessed with ((I promise it’s out there!)) One that you enjoy so much that you want to work it into your daily routine! For me, it’s pilates. Abs are just an added bonus, thanks planks! Classpass is an AMAZING way to sample workout classes in your area. This link gets you one month free to try it out!
5)) Ditch the booze, and sip on a probiotic-filled healthy elixir like a kombucha spritzie in a wine glass in the evening when you wind down on the weeknights, instead! The unbelievable sleep & glowing skin are just an added bonus. My not-so-secret recipe is just La Croix + a splash of GT’s kombucha as a “floater.”

I can’t say enough good things about this stuff. In fact, the only negative side effect I’ve had from using this product, is having to cut back from using it once a week to once every TWO weeks because it made my hair TOO soft & shiny! ((Said no chick, ever)) My favorite way to use: wet dirty hair ((major key)), towel dry until damp, apply a generous amount like a mask, put hair into a ballerina bun, and sleep in it! In the morning, be sure to double wash with shampoo & then use a nourishing conditioner. Voila! Gorgeous, bouncy, supermodel hair. You’re welcome ♡

Y’all knew this one was coming! For an instant snatch, SLAP ON A TAN, sister! If there is ONE beauty product that I literally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually cannot live without… it is self-tanner. Quite possibly my one true love, and by far the easiest, least expensive way to glow-up & amp up your sex appeal, literally over night! EVERYONE looks 10x better with a tan, and that is a fact. This one is my current fave! 

Last, but DEFINITELY not least… Get your mind right! The Slight Edge is the most life-changing book I’ve read all year. Maybe, ever. It’s a super simple concept in discipline that is so crucial in dream chasing & leveling up. Skip Real Housewives tonight, and crack this book open instead. Trust me on this one! ♡

Ahhhhhh, as a bonafide oversharer, it literally pains me to stop at these basic 5 tips, when I have at least 738,615 up my sleeve! But at this point, you know what to do to get the full scoop! ♡

💖 The Glow Up Guide: HEALTH & WELLNESS EDITION is 50% off today only with code: GLOW at checkout!!! 💖