Step aside pumpkin spice latte, this chic lil coffee recipe will make you happier, healthier & more beautiful ♡ ((Oh, & with bigger boobs?!))

The way you start your day is crucial & the decision of what you put into your body first thing will affect the way that you’ll feel for the whole day!!! My old go-to was to drink a massive sugar-free vanilla cold brew or iced coffee from Starbucks, every morning. “It’s 0 calories, it’s healthy!” I naively claimed. If that was true, why did I feel chronically crappy, low energy, and depleated by noon?!

My #1 goal is to FEEL good, vibrant, energized, and sharp. This coffee recipe is beautifying and brain food! Clean energy, no BS.

♡ Coffee of Choice ♡
Drip, Keurig K-Cup, French Press, Nespresso… doesn’t really matter. Find a clean coffee you love & roll wid it…

I’m obsessed with the Electric Buzz K-Cups from Trader Joe’s! $5 for 12, and they have 2x the amount of caffeine as regular coffee, per cup! Packs a mean punch… I love that! 🤩 If TJ’s is out of reach for you, something comparable is this coffee brand, Death Wish, who has thousands of amazing reviews on Amazon! Organic + extra jolt of caffeine and they come in grounds or K-Cups ((they even have pumpkin spice!)) Or, try this Amazon faves High Caffeine Coffee Pods Variety Pack to sample n see which brand you love the most. Y’all should know by now that I’m EXTRA as hell, so extra caff is a must for me- I’ll take all that I can get!

♡ Collagen ♡
I will never stop talking about how obsessed I am with Vital Proteins Collagen, sorry not sorry! 😉 I’ve been taking 1 scoop per day in my coffee for over 2 years, and my hair, skin, nails & joints have been thanking me ever since! No joke, my hair would never grow, and now it’s longer, thicker, and shinier than ever. My skin is so healthy and plump. Nails pre-collagen were weak and brittle, now they’re CRAZY STRONG ((I do gel manicures, but they’re as thick and durable as acrylics due to the strong nails, I swear!)) And collagen is also so incredible for your joint health. I should probably graduate to using 2 scoops per day ((the suggested serving size)) but I’ve had fabulous results with just 1! Don’t try to get creative and order one of the flavored powders or capsules… Stick to the classic unflavored in the blue tub. It’s literally tasteless and dissolves right into my coffee! You could also blend this into a smoothie or hot tea. Just no cold liquids or it will get chunky.

♡ Lairds Superfoods Creamer ♡
Oooooh sis, this is one of my greatest finds of 2020! So, ever since I started getting serious about my health & fitness, and wanted to start really cleaning up my diet, I knew that my CoffeeMate chemical-laden creamer had to go. It was my main vice for a long time, simply because:
A) Coffee is completely essential to my existence
B) Coffee only tasted good to me when paired with her bff, Coffee Mate.
Hey, at least I went with the “Sugar Free” varietal! *shocked face* I tried & tried & tried every “healthy” creamer out there. Spent a fortune on supposed keto-friendly jawns ((most creamers are jam-packed with unnecessary carbs, bitch I’m spending my carb allowance on tacos or rice, not coffee creamer!)) but hated them all… Nothing compared! Until I created this superfood “creamer” combo.

One morning, I was at my holistic nutritionist bestie’s crib, and she offered me a coffee. “What kind of hemp-ballsac creamer do you have?” to which, she pointed to a bag on the counter… Laird’s with a surfer ((um, Laird himself, duh!)) on the front. So Hawaii of her. While powdered “creamer” has never previously been in the cards for me, I was sold by “Superfoods” and the ingredients list // nutrition facts. All fabulous things I could get behind. But would I have to sacrifice the taste?! K, it’s no CoffeeMate, but it is GOOD. And more than that? It makes me FEEL even better! Good clean energy, no BS.

When I ordered some for myself, I went with the Tumeric blend to amp up even more health & beauty benefits! ((Do a quick Google search if you’re unaware of the magical anti-inflammatory components this ingredient boasts)) and I LOVE the taste! They also have pumpkin spice for the basics, and the OG is nice, too. The only thing is that you HAVE to use a handheld electric mixer, and mix it well. But I promise you, it’s well worth the extra 30 seconds whippin’ it up!

♡ Maca ♡
Alright, get ready to have your world rocked with Maca… This ancient root vegetable has been used for medicinal purposes since the beginning of time. It is SO good for women & acts as a hormone regulator! What this has meant for me is: drastically reducing PMS symptoms ((to literally almost nothing)) tons of clean energy, regularity, and it’s also rumored to increase breast size! I do feel quite voluptuous lately… Bring on the va-va-voom! Maca is a bit of an acquired taste, but I’ve grown to love the nutty flavor. Here’s the thing, you HAVE to start small and build your dosage up ((I use 1 tablespoon per day)) but start with half a teaspoon and work your way up, or you will end up with the worst stomach ache ever. Maca is also great to increase libido in women and men, so spike your boo’s coffee with it as well if you dare! Again, a handheld electric mixer is a must to blend it to perfection. I’ve had a great experience with this brand. If you freestyle and find your own Maca, just make sure that it is organic & gelatinized!

♡ Splash of Milk of Choice ♡
Oat, almond, coconut, whatever nut you’re into to make it creamy & dreamy… I like to add the tiniest dash of Trader Joe’s vanilla coconut almond creamer, it just adds a littleeeee somethin’ somethin’…

♡ Mr. Mixy ♡
Obsessed with this lil handheld mixer, I couldn’t live without him! There’s no way around it, you can’t simply use a good ol fashioned spoon to get the powders properly mixed. This also acts as a frother, if you’re into that sort of thing. Also, add a touch of glam with these gold metal straws I’m obsessed with! Dishwasher safe and helps protect your teeth from staining.

There you have it, honey! Trade in your calorie + sugar laden, expensive af Starbucks lattes & let me know what your results are after you sip your way to sexy with my delicious and nutritious Bombshell Coffee! 💋