To: the girl ready to become her healthiest, happiest & most confident self yet 💫

The Glow Up Guide: HEALTH & WELLNESS EDITION is here, and this time… we did not come to play!

…. Oh who am I kidding? All I do is play, AKA we’re going to make transforming into our inner bombshells a whole lotta FUN and fall head over heels in love with ourselves in the process. Okay?! ♡

If you’re new here, I’m Erika. The Level Up QUEEN ((self-proclaimed)) who has spent the last 3 years helping hundreds of girls, just like you, elevate to become their best selves. You could say it’s my passion. Nothing in this world makes me happier than the messages I receive on a damn near daily basis from girls who tell me all about their level up success stories. It’s a lifestyle and a sisterhood & I’m so happy you’re here!

I was super inspired to write this new guide, not only to share my own health & fitness journey and the best kept secrets that helped me achieve the body of my dreams ((finally obtained the only thing I covet more than a new Chanel bag: a little set of abs, baby!)) but because I know firsthand how hard 2020 rocked so many of us in the wellness department.

I’ll never forget this one pivotal moment last spring. An unsuspecting moment that truly changed my life forever. We were in the thick of quarantine, no where to go, nothing to do, so I took my talents outside to my pool, cocktail in hand ((duh)) and caught glimpse of my bikini clad body in a window reflection. I did a once over, and then I noticed my face. It was twisted in disgust as my mind raced at a million miles a minute to cruelly criticize every inch of my flesh, tearing apart everything I saw wrong with my body. Sure, I hadn’t been taking the best care of my body, but I did not deserve that poor treatment… from myself? I teared up. I looked myself in the eyes and said, “Never again. I’m DONE hating my body. I’m ready to LOVE myself.”

As the story goes, I slapped my big juicy booty, decided & declared that I LOVED it. “Who f#ing cares that I’m not perfect?! Newsflash: NO ONE IS!!!” I wasn’t going to love myself WHEN I got back in shape, I was done with conditional love. I decided that I loved it NOW, and always, no matter what I looked like.

Maybe this story is silly to you, but for me, this was the moment I got my power back. It was the beginning of self-love, and this paradigm shift of LOVING & NOURISHING my body literally changed every single thing in my life. I have become my happiest, healthiest, hottest & most confident self, a me that I LOVE & I want to share the exact strategies I used to get me here.

Self-love used to be a foreign language to me. But now? A girl is fluent!

You know those seemingly perfect girls on Instagram who answer questions on their stories & someone asks, “What’s your diet?! Fitness routine?!” and they’re just so blasé blasé in they’re response, like “Diets don’t work. I just have a healthy lifestyle & I move my body XOXO”

Leaving you like… ?!?!? K, but how do I do THAT?! What does a “healthy lifestyle” for the modern girl really look like & how can I cultivate that for myself without a nutritionist, chef, daily $50 trips to eReHwOn for a green juice and kale salad, a personal trainer, and million dollar a month unlimited pilates membership?! Like… we get it. You’re rich. But how can I do that?! At home. Glowing skin, an even glowier vibe, and hey! A baby ab or two peeking through would be the icing on the *gluten-free vegan* cake! JK 😉

It does not have to be super expensive or time consuming to get in great shape & feel vibrant, energized, and HEALTHY AF! Body Guide II equips you with the tools you need to become your happiest, healthiest & hottest self, ever ♡ This guide is for EVERY WOMAN.

You can Google “how to be more confident” or “how to lose weight” or whatever else, but you aren’t going to get the straight from the heart, real life advice from a girl just like you, who’s “been there, done that” and ready to give you the answers you’re looking for.

Okay, since you can tell I’m a chatty broad & it would be entirely impossible for me to outline my entire journey in one email… What I’m going to do is tell you WHAT I did to finally get the body of my dreams…

& If it sounds interesting to you, I created:

The Body Guide II

A comprehensive, step by step guide on how to cultivate a healthy lifestyle + self-love rituals to become your happiest, most confident self!

What’s inside!!!! The curriculum…

♡ Developing Your Positive Mindset & Good Sparkly Vibes
♡ The Art of Good Habits ((& How To Create Them))
♡ Your Planner = Your BFF
♡ Lifestyle Design

♡ N-O-U-R-I-S-H: Your New Favorite Buzzword
♡ Romanticize Your Life!
♡ “That Girl” Morning Routine
♡ The Feel Amazing Naked Campaign: SUPREME CONFIDENCE
♡ Weekly Self-Care To Do List

♡ Sexy Bitch in the Kitchen
♡ The Universal Diet Every Girl Can Benefit From!
♡ Intermittent Fasting: My Experience ((4+ Years))
♡ My Daily Top Tips to Stay Snatched, Effortlessly

♡ The Philosophy That Changed My Life & Made Me Love Working Out
♡ Establishing Your Goals
♡ Workout Program Ideas
♡ The Power Of The Daily Baddie Walk
♡ Community & Accountability

♡ The Science of Fat Loss: Taking the Guesswork Out, For Good!
♡ Getting Clear About Your Personal Goals
♡ Caloric Deficit Calculator
♡ Tools to Play
♡ Commitment

♡ Vitamins for VIBRANCE
♡ Sexy Supplements
♡ Glowing Goddess Smoothies
♡ Lets Talk About Cleanses I Love

♡ Making Your Period Your B*tch
♡ Cycle Synching
♡ Clean Up Your Kitty
♡ Woo Woo BS You’ll Be Obsessed With: Moon Time Rituals

♡ The Definitive Guide To Getting Snatched for Special Events
♡ The 4 Week Plan
♡ The 2 Week Plan

♡ Nourish Bowls
♡ Salads
♡ “Cheat Sheets”
♡ Snatched Wraps
♡ Green ((With Envy)) Smoothies
♡ Spritzies & Snacks
♡ Ultimate Trader Joe’s Grocery List

BASICALLY, 40+ FUN, WITTY BLOG POSTS: worth the read!

& now, without further adieu…


ATTITUDE, GRATITUDE, EFFORT & KINDNESS. These are the four things that you CAN control. It is UP TO YOU to manage and facilitate “the fab 4,” each & every day. Like showering, inspiration doesn’t last. That’s why it’s recommended daily ♡” Each day when you wake up, decide you are in a good mood. Declare that it’s going to be a fabulous day! Write down 5 things you’re grateful for, and why ((bonus: this puts you in a better mood, automatically!)) Grab your planner & jot down everything you’re going to do that day. Then, commit to doing your personal BEST with every task– that’s your effort! ((How you do anything is how you do everything)) We saved the best for last, kindness. This is the most important. Kindness and grace, to others, but also to YOU. Love on yourself! Pump yourself up! Speak encouragement and joy over yourself & your goals! This is the beginning of CONFIDENCE & BELIEVING IN YOURSELF, and with that… you can do all things.

The secret ingredient that unlocked everything good in my life: including a bombshell bod! Self-love just might be my favorite section, only because I created so many fun actionable ways to learn how to exercise it. Like my “Feel Amazing Naked Campaign” where we learn how to embody SUPREME CONFIDENCE & then there’s the “Romanticize Your Life” section, where I outline a ton of ways to not only spoil & love on yourself, but also how to be the “main character” in your life and “DO IT FOR THE PLOT!” We’re going to learn your love language and then learn how to use it on yourself. Oh, and there’s also a weekly self-care to do list, so you’ll never be bored again!

My new secret weapon: I’m a sexy bitch in the kitch! Who knew that posting a delicious, nutritious plate on the Gram is the ultimate thirst trap?! I will show you how fun & easy it is to, “pretend to know how to cook” and get a HOT BOD because of it! Girl, if you knew how many perfect 10’s slid into my DM’s after posting a sparkling, piping hot perfectly cooked salmon filet ((thanks, Miss Air fryer!)) atop a bed of jewel colored arugula, with a sprinkle of feta, drizzle of balsamic glaze, and a little gf ravioli or two to savor… and that it took me less than 20 minutes, in between sips of one of my skinny wine spritzies to create. You can make your food look & taste straight out of a chic 5 star restaurant, whilst putting forth little time & effort, and slimming your waistline all along the way! FANTASTIC all around.

Eating super healthy & learning to cook amazing nutritious meals for yourself is not as hard as it seems! Believe me, if I can do it, anyone can! The plot twist? I NEVER expected to have so much fun doing it. I’ll walk you through it all & how to do what I call, “pretending to know how to cook” 😉

The “lazy girl’s guide” to toning up! Listen, I ditched the negative self-talk ((we’re throwing that ish right out the window)) but just know that I have never been that girl who liked to exercise… for FUN *shudders* But something wild stirred in me once I started paying attention to the way my body FEELS: physically & mentally // anxiety levels, when I practiced certain movement. I never gave myself the gift of knowing the intense high & happiness I feel when kicking ass at a super challenging workout class, because I was too busy doing the bare minimum in my comfort zone. Minimal effort = minimal results. But find your THING… ((which I can PROMISE, pinky swear, cross my heart hope to cry that you DO have a “thing,” you just have to go on the journey of finding it!)) and girl. Every single thing in your life will change, for the better. I’ll help you find yours.

Motivation is a myth. I will equip you with the tools that I use each & every day to get myself to get my booty up and get MOVIN in a way that will tighten, tone, and make you feeeeeeel all the good sparkly vibes!

Women’s health has become one of my greatest passions– maybe because it’s been regarded as such a mystery for so many of us. Most of us don’t even actually know WTF is going on with our body on & around our period, we just know that we hate it. But loving our bodies includes learning to love our period, too. Hear me out. I know I sound insane. I myself had a voodoo doll of Aunt Flo up until like a year ago!

But educating myself about my cycle and what’s going on in my body, week by week, has been so empowering. Now that I understand my hormones, I feel much less “crazy!” Did you know that there are certain foods you should eat at different points in your cycle that will help elliminate PMS naturally!? You’ll start to notice the week that you’re filled with endless energy & creative ideas, the week that you’re completely irresistible to men ((ovulation time)) and when to start planning to say “no” to unnecessary plans so you can retreat during that “blah” time that we aren’t feeling our best. I spill so many women’s health tips & tricks that I’ve been totally geeking out over in the guide & encourage you to learn more about your cycle, too.

Ready to grab your copy of The Body Guide II?! Sign up here! ♡