Developing Your Positive Mindset & Good Sparkly Vibes

Ready to make 2022 your happiest, healthiest, hottest year yet?! It all starts with the right mindset. Here is a snippet of my Glow Up Guide: HEALTH & WELLNESS EDITION, I hope you love it!


There are many things in life that are out of our hands, but these are the four key things that we CAN control. It is up to you to manage and facilitate “the fab 4,” each & every day. “Like showering, inspiration doesn’t last. That’s why it’s recommended daily ♡” Each day when you wake up, decide you are in a good mood! Declare that it’s going to be a fabulous day! Write down 5 things you’re grateful for, and why ((bonus: this puts you in a better mood, automatically!)) Grab your planner & jot down everything you’re going to do that day. Then, commit to doing your personal BEST with every task– that’s your effort! ((How you do anything is how you do everything!)) We saved the best for last, kindness. This is the most important. Kindness and grace, to others, but also to YOU ♡ Love on yourself! Pump yourself up! Speak encouragement and joy over yourself & your goals! This is the beginning of CONFIDENCE & BELIEVING IN YOURSELF, and with that… you can do all things.


Cultivate your very own list of daily affirmations & personal mantras. Use “I am…” language, in the present tense, as if your goal is already your reality! “I am in the best shape of my life!” “I am beautiful and confident, I am such a bright light in this world!” “I am strong and love my sexy body” “I am in perfect health and feel so vibrant, energized, and full of life!” “I take amazing care of myself! I nourish my body with healthy food and exercise that makes me feel good as daily acts of LOVE!”

Pinterest has a million & two of them floating around if you need inspiration. Pick ones that use the juiciest, most motivating language. I love to go through and Pin new ones, daily! It’s important to keep these positive words of affirmation & encouragement on top of mind and to visit them often. Make them the background of your phone! Meditate on them. Write them in your planner. Put them on your fridge. Post that s#*t everywhere!

I love the idea of writing your favorite affirmations on your mirror in dry erase marker and saying them to yourself each morning while you get ready to conquer the day! If you’re feeling embarrassed by the thought of this, “What if my boyfriend sees this? My friends? What will they think about this corny woo woo stuff? Maybe I shouldn’t…” Girl, I’m here to tell you that NO ONE thinks that someone striving to better themselves is embarrassing! It is INSPIRING! Maybe you can start a fun new weekly ritual where you pick a new affirmation each Sunday & write it on your mirror to kickstart the good sparkly vibes and remember your badass goals every morning before you head out into the world ♡


Cleaning up your life is more than just the food you consume! It’s the music that you listen to, the people you follow on social media ((& how much time you spend mindlessly scrolling)) the shows you watch on tv, the things that you talk about to your friends, how you spend your free time, etc. I challenge you to STOP LIVING YOUR LIFE ON AUTOPILOT! So many of us are living in a negative loop, day after day, and don’t even realize it.

We gossip and complain to our friends & coworkers all day. We listen and sing along to music with horrible messages. We watch drama filled trashy reality television that encourages women being totally nasty to each other. We unwind after a long day of work & b*tching just to plop down on the couch, order takeout because we’re too lazy to cook, drink a few glasses of wine because we “deserve it,” with a Bravo show on in the background as we scroll Instagram & compare ourselves to all of the “perfect” girls on the homepage. We feel sorry for ourselves. Go to bed too late, wake up the next day & do it all over again. All of these seemingly minor & innocent negative things are embedding themselves into our subconscious, and creating a whole negative life, on accident.

Excuse me, sis. But this is NOT living!!!! I’m sorry if you feel exposed, but I only know this scenario all too well because it has been ME!!! For sooooo long this was me. Don’t get me wrong, I still get into ruts from time to time where I backtrack and fall into these negative patterns again. It’s so easy. It’s so comfy. It’s called: our comfort zone. But I promise you, life gets so good when you break out of your comfort zone! Life is not meant to be spent feeling like crap, plain & simple. It’s not meant to be spent feeling bored, insecure, or insignificant. You deserve to THRIVE! To feel vibrant, energized & ALIVE! So in this guide, we’re going to find out what those things are that spark that in YOU & then we’re going to run with it. We’re finding you some cute, healthy lil HOBBIES. We’re starting some PROJECTS. We’re LEVELING UP, sis! It’s elevation season. Sound good?


Can we get real for a second? Can we talk about the sad, ugly side of this super fast paced, plugged in, social media driven world that we’re all living in? It’s not all influencer cappuccinos & rainbows, am I right? The perfectly retouched photos poke at our insecurities. The fabulous, activity filled days in glamorous cities that influencers post, filled with shopping, the spa, glam squads, the chicest restaurants for breakfast, lunch & dinner, the luxury travel… it makes us feel like our simple lives are less than. At least that’s how I’ve found myself to feel sometimes!

People have so many takes on this, but my personal experience is that the amount of social media I consume has a DIRECT correlation to how anxious // depressed I feel. The same goes for alcohol intake. These are my personal triggers, and coming to terms with it & replacing them with happy, healthy things quite literally changed my life. I 10/10 suggest that you get real with yourself and take inventory of what yours are so that you can learn strategies to cut back on whatever is making you feel like sh*t mentally, and to start feeling GOOD!!!

We will cover what to replace your “icks” with and how to cut back without cutting out, a little later! It’s so much easier to set little positive boundaries for yourself than you think. One quick example for me is that I set screen time limits for social media on my phone, 1 hour a day! I still get my fix, without getting the “icks,” LOL. With wine, I know that my favorite restaurant is fully stocked and ready for me to come in & catch a vibe on the weekend as a reward for a job well done that week! I know better by now than to restrict myself with “30 day no booze challenges” or telling myself that I’m DONE completely. It just doesn’t work for me, personally- only makes me subconsciously want it more and more likely to overdo it or binge after abstaining for awhile. However, if I keep it out of reach ((not in my home)) but “allow” myself a glass or two when I go out to dinner as a treat ((aka much more rarely))… it sits right with me!

Real talk: I used to think I had a problem. But the truth is, the only thing I had a problem with is not knowing how to set healthy boundaries for myself. I didn’t prioritize honoring myself, nourishing myself, or FEELING GOOD. I just wanted to have “fun,” but there’s honestly nothing fun about being hungover or recalling the idiotic things you did while drunk. Give yourself grace if you can relate. This paradigm shift is simple, applicable, and you can do it, too. ((By the way, DM me any time to talk about it if you need extra help or just someone to listen XO))


I replaced my morning Instagram // TikTok scroll with PINTEREST & my freaking life changed! I’m a big manifest girl ((mainly because I’ve seen it work like magic in my life, over and over again!)) and I just find that when I’m looking at beautiful photos that INSPIRE and uplift me: of far away places I’d love to travel to, gorgeous food I’d love to recreate, stunning decor I’d love to fill my future dream home with, heart-wrenching love poems and motivational quotes, and chic fashion trends, I literally catch a BUZZ! I’m not kidding. Seeing all of these lovely things and visualizing them as mine, adding them to my virtual vision board… It’s just such a POSITIVE way to spend my time!


Music is one of the best parts of life! I think that a massive part of cultivating a vibe ((with literally anything that you’re doing)) is to have the right music playing in the background! Makes a WORLD of difference and can give you the exact MOOD you’re looking for! When I wake up, I put on twinkly relaxing jazz music with a fireplace background up on YouTube on my tv, and puts me in the best mood! It gives me the clean space to meditate on my day and choose my thoughts. I actually don’t think it’s possible to be in a bad mood while listening to this music… LIFE HACK, lol!

Whereas, if I were to throw on the negative af morning news + all those  dumb mindless commercials as background noise but still definitely infiltrating my subconscious… I shudder at the thought. PROTECT YOUR PEACE, SIS! ♡ Reduce the “noise pollution” and watch your life change.

I am a Spotify girly & feel like they have the BEST playlists! I have one for when I want to tap into “bad bitch mode” and on my ~REAL HOT GIRL S#*T~ 😉 One for driving and singing at the top of my lungs ((talk about therapy!)) One for making dinner & feeling like a chic little 40’s housewife with oldies like a lil Frank Sinatra, galore. Instrumental ones for focus while working or reading. Even some amazing ones for the modern manifesty girl that are just filled with bomb affirmations that make you feel like you can conquer the world!

Decorate your moments & everyday life with music. I cannot stress this enough for alllllll the good sparkly vibes!


Give compliments to strangers. Say “good morning” & a warm smile to passerbys. Hold the door open for people. Go above and beyond to just do those little tiny nice things for people and you will feel a whole lot more sunshine in your life 🙂 Pick up flowers from Trader Joe’s ((they’re less than $10 for a stunning bouquet!)) for your girlfriend or mom just because the next time you’re heading to their house. Call your grandma or a family member, just to chat about anything– I promise, it will make their WHOLE day! Write a random hand written card to the ones you love just telling them how much you appreciate and admire them. Give more hugs. Comment on all your acquaintances photos on Instagram hyping them up. High five the girl next to you in your workout class & tell the instructor that their class is awesome and how much you love going to it. Just be a SUPER NICE PERSON, and you will have an exponentially happier life, because you attract alllllll that good stuff right back to you like a boomerang!

Want more?! Grab your copy of The Glow Up Guide: Health & Wellness Edition for so many more tips and tricks to become your best self, today!