It seems like everyone’s current goal in life is to find the perfect lululemon lookalikes, and I hate to burst your bubble within the first 2.5 seconds of this post, but I’m here to tell you that they literally do not exist. 

I 100% understand that $100 leggings aren’t always in the budget, but here’s the reason why I am lulu’s #1 fan: you seriously get what you pay for & it’s worth every penny! Sure, I’ll go ahead and share the closest lookalikes so that you can shop the look for less, but I’m telling you right now that I highly recommend saving up & just investing in the real thing! Here’s why…

I have purchased upwards of 50 products from lululemon over the past decade, and I have regretted not a single one! Everything is so insanely high-quality, holds up & stays in perfect condition for years and years ((even from multiple wears per week and dozens of washes!)) and it is SO figure flattering… 

A million dollar, spankable, peachy booty for only $100 is well worth it, babygirl! I can promise, you’ll turn your own damn head when you squeeze into these unbelievable, too good to be true, spandex ((but 100x better)) situations! Just the word “lululemon” or that lil circle above the booty sends blood flow to a guy’s 😉 and I’m not even joking… 

If all of this alone isn’t enough to work up the guts to hit “checkout,” maybe this will:

People livvvve for for lululemon on Poshmark. Since nothing ever goes on sale, ladies swarm Posh every single day looking to purchase used lulu for a discounted price. The reason why I didn’t even bother to include “gently” used, is because you can quite literally rock your lulu over & over without a care in the world for months, and it will still be in perfect condition to post on Poshmark if you decide you’d like to sell it in the future. I have sold items that I wore for years, shipped them off to their new home ((usually for only 30%-40% off of what I paid for it)) and have had only 5-star reviews on my sales! I’m just sayin, the quality is that good… And it holds high resale value! I’ve made well over $1K from selling my old lululemon on Posh ((& usually used that coin to re-invest in new lulu! haha))


As far as sizing goes, I recommend choosing yours based on the size chart! For reference, I am 5’4, ~110 lbs, 32D, and wear a size 4 in everything. I’m a cropped gal through and through & can’t stand full-length leggings because I’m pretty short, so I usually opt for the 25” length which gives me that perfect 7//8 look. Yet another lululemon perk: they offer free hemming if you’re looking for a customized, tailored length!

Here are my top 5 all-time favorite things from lululemon, that I buy over & over, in every color I can get my hands on, because they are that fab and timeless!!!!

♡ Wunder Under Leggings
You’ve gotta start here with the classic, signature OG that made lulu famous & created the yoga pant booty phenomenon!!! Especially if you’re unfamiliar with how fabulous the workout gear is and you’re used to… well… whatever it is you’re working out in now, you have to start your collection ((and addiction)) with the black Wunder Under perfect everyday legging to wear around town! They’re made with their proprietary blend of some extra-terrestrial thick stretchy cotton adjacent fabric, hand-crafted by Jesus himself ((that’s what I heard, at least)) and they literally suck & tuck, lift & smooth your derrière into something you’ve never seen before! Consider it a push-up bra for your ass. Just. Get. Them!!!

♡ Align Leggings ♡
NAKED. If you haven’t heard, I’m on this feel amazing naked campaign 😉 It’s a buttery soft fabric that cannot be duplicated! If you’ve never slipped into a pair, you’re missing out! This is my favorite legging of all time. I love them to workout in, run errands in, lounge in… I wear them 24/7 and only take them off if it’s absolutely necessary! ((Even so, I just might cry about it & then daydream about the moment I get to slip them back on!))

The reason why I love working out in these is because they are so light-weight and breathable. I wear these to pilates, barre, and yoga since they are such low-impact workouts where flexibility and freedom of movement is the most important factor. Just the thought of wearing something thick, and//or cottony to one of these classes gives me hives! When you know better, you do better, and if you’re wearing the proper clothing for your workout I can promise you’ll notice a difference! If you are into more high-impact workouts, I recommend getting a legging built with a more compression and supportive fabric, like “luxtreme.” 

♡ Define Jacket ♡
Sex kitten… but make it athleisure 😉 Okay hear me out. I know it’s not often that a jacket is described as hot, but… this lil zip-up drives the boys absolutely wild! It’s tight and body shaping ((just like the Wunder Under leggings)) creating an awesome hourglass figure. However far you zip is your prerogative! I’ve owned this classic jacket in at least 15 different colors ((and can always easily sell them on Posh for ~$70 whenever I’m over it & would like to swap it out for a new color)) It’s a part of my signature off-duty look! Start with black for a sleek, classic, sexy look & then expand your color palette from there!

♡ Align Top ♡
♡ Free To Be Moved Longline Bra ♡
My favorite tops to wear during workouts are actually longline sports bras! I used to be the Power-Y queen, and while they’re still the most fabulous workout tank on the market, I’m opting for a more cropped situation these days. What I love about these is that they’re so supportive ((& flattering)) on the tatas, chic af, and they’re quite a bit longer than your average sports bra. Paired with a high waisted legging ((always, duh)) and really only an inch or two of midriff will be revealed! Just enough to keep it cute and moderately modest 😉 What this really means for me in workout classes is: not fussing with my top or tugging it down, being distracted, and it comes in handy to really be able to see your body in the mirror during pilates, barre & yoga to make sure you’re in proper form. Toss a Define jacket over on your way too and from your workout, and tie it around your waist for a cute look if you get too hot! My total go-to. 

♡ Swiftly Tech L/S
Again, it’s weird to call a crew neck long sleeved top sexy, but I get sooooo many compliments when I wear Swiftlys! Specifically from men, there’s just something about these tops I swear. I think it’s because they’re skin tight so it shows off the body, but at the same time you’re fully covered– a bit of an enigma! These tops are light as air and composed of a very thin fabric, but they’re also super durable. 

♡ Gym Bag ♡
I had to throw in their bags as an honorable mention for anyone looking for a sleek, insanely durable & useful bag to take from work to the gym, or what have you! First thing’s first, the material its made with could withstand anything. Trust me, I used the cutest purple lululemon tote as my school bag when I was in college and was so rough & tough on that thing! She was a survivor. It then graduated to become my designated sleepover bag ((or what I cutely have mentioned as my “bag of tricks”)) which is perfect because it’s this nice discreet size that you can just casually have in your car. “Oh, I think I actually have my gym bag in my car with a workout outfit & toothbrush, let me grab it! LOL. Ratchet morning afters are never in the cards)) The thing is, it’s magically super deep and you can fit a lot in there. It also has a padded pouch for your laptop or iPad, and the cutest lil pouch to keep your “dirty unmentionables” seperate! I adore the bowling bag shape of this one! 10//10 recommend investing in one of these bad boys if you’re in the market for a new multi-purpose bag, you will love it and use it nonstop for years to come!


Okay, here’s the tea: over the past few months, I scoured the interwebs in search of the ever coveted “lululemon dupes” with a totally open mind & a hopeful heart! I mean, helloooo, of course I’d love to get the look and feel for a fraction of the price, who wouldn’t!? I Prime’d it up, but was disappointed every time. To the untrained eye, some items do have a similar appearance… but none compared ((even in the slightest!)) to the fit, fabric, and body shaping // booty lifting & smoothing factors of lululemon! Not only that, in all leggings that I purchased ((and all 3 different brands!)) within 2-3 wears, rogue strings started popping out all over the place. Keep in mind, if this were to happen with a pair of authentic lulu leggings, they would replace them because they guarantee the creme de la creme quality of their products! SO, it’s totally up to you to decide whether or not you want to shop the look for less, but my conclusion with this lil experiment is that I’ve truly found quality > quantity to be my personal preference, and I seriously wish I would’ve invested the $ that I spent on the 4 Amazon items on a fresh new pair of Aligns that I could love for years to come, instead!