Justtt when I was starting to find my groove at my daily ((okay fine, twice a week or so 🤪)) pilates & Purebarre classes, 2020 decided to… well… you know what happened next! Like every other Millennial girl in America, I drowned my sorrows in bottle after bottle of Pinot Grigio & basic Netflix marathons, mourning the inevitable demise of the ass I had been working so hard for. I was tucking and thrusting with a vengeance all winter long with the finest housewives of Scottsdale, declaring 2020 my summer of the skimpy bikini! But when The Q hit, I simply didn’t know what to do with myself, fitness-wise. Of course online, at-home workouts always existed, but it just wasn’t the same as trotting into the studio, lululemon clad & mounting that sexy reformer, silently competing with Sally Sue next to me proving that I could hold my plank longer than anyone else…

Eventually, my pity party reached an end, and since purchasing a Peloton like everyone else & their mother wasn’t in the cards for me, I took my talents somewhere a little more in my price range: Amazon. I started small, with new bluetooth headphones and started walking… and then jogging… and then running! Found a pilates program even better than my in-person membership! Started whippin’ up the healthiest eats from recipes found during the hours I spent on Pinterest! And a million other things that I’m spilling in my Body Guide

The point is, I found so many amazing, inexpensive gems on good ol’ Amazon, delivered straight to my door, that helped whip me into the best shape of my life over the past few months. And what kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn’t share my best finds with you?!

Without further adieu… The Best of Amazon: Health & Fitness!

Bluetooth Scale
I know that scales are a controversial topic for some, but Y’ALL… How can you track your progress & establish your goals without something tangible and concrete to work with?! I personally find that weighing myself 1-2 times a week holds me accountable and is also highly motivating & rewarding when I see that what I’m doing is actually working ((& massively helps me pull in the reigns when I see that I’m slippin!)) This scale is soooo cool! It pairs with the app on your phone via bluetooth & sends and tracks your progress of: weight, BMI, body fat, body water, BMR & so much more.

Leopard No-Slip Booty Band
It’s no secret that band exercises are extremely effective! However, my problem with traditional bands was that I always found them rolling // sliding down and never staying in place. I saw one of my girlfriends working out with one of these super cute bands & as if I wasn’t already sold by how AESTHETIC it is, I was like… this big, thick, fabric band looks like the answer to my booty shaping prayers! And it truly is. It has a non-slip grip on the inside, has a tight resistance ((there are multiple options to choose from)) and I feel like it instantly targets and isolates the muscles that I’m looking to tighten up, making for fool-proof booty // hip shaping at it’s finest! 10//10, you NEED this. 

Yoga Mat & Neoprene Weights
My favorite yoga mat ever is this one from lululemon, and essential if you’re doing at-home workouts on a hard surface because it’s so thick and supportive– my bony tailbone getting bruised from pilates teasers because there’s only a teeny layer of rubber between my derrière and the cold hard wood is never the business! Love lululemon for a lil cush. But if you’re in the market for something lightweight and basic because you’re working out on a rug or something, this is your girl and is also thicker than the average mat. You also can’t go wrong with the Amazon Basics neoprene dumbbells, just make sure to double-check that you’re purchasing a set, because they’re sometimes sold as singles!

Lululemon Lookalikes
We’ve all been expanding our legging collection during these unprecedented times! I tried to skimp a lil and opt for every hyped up legging that Amazon has to offer, and I spill all the tea & rank them in the post above ☺️

♡ Marble Tumbler
Stay hydrated, babygirl! Beauty tip #1 is to guzzle down h20 like it’s… your job 😝 Fill it up a lil over 4 times during the day & you’ve sipped a gallon! Ideal. I feel my best when I have 1+ gallon of water per day ((I also live in the desert tho, lol))

Tennis Skirt
“I’m sexy, I’m cute, I’m popular to boot!” I can’t help but feel like THAT B*TCH in this tennis skirt! So girly & glam. Like a desperate housewife off to take lessons at the country club, followed by a champagne luncheon with my mommy friends where I text the nanny to pick the kids up from school because a very serious and important meeting came up! Ya know?

Waist Trainer
Whether or not you want to dive into the *quasi controversial* world of waist training is on you! What I will say, is that corseting and “waist training” definitely does work if you’re consistent with it. Obvi don’t go too ham & crush your internal organs, but wearing a corset for a few hours a day while you work from home or what not can slim and trim your waistline, drastically improve your posture, and for me personally the best thing is that it soothes my period cramps better than anything else because of the applied pressure. I have this one. Supplement your healthy diet & workouts by creating sexy curves with a lil corset moment! Kim K. does it, should you?

Bombshell Coffee Ingredients!
You can purchase all of the ingredients for my signature Bombshell Coffee on Amazon… Boom baby! They’re all laid out in the post above. Sip your way to snatched, honey.

Echinacea Goldseal Drops
Whenever I start feeling yucky in any way shape or form, I simply put a dropper full of this stuff into a small amount of water & shoot it down, 2x a day, and it’s a magical curing elixir for me! They call it nature’s antibiotic, and is used by many homeopathic practicers as an alternative to drugs. It works to skyrocket your immune system. Works for me! It’s not exactly beneficial to take daily, so just use as needed.

♡ Honorable Mention: The Booty Blaster
The inside joke of Basic Repellent. I haven’t purchased this bad boy yet, so I can’t speak to its booty lifting capabilities, but the reviews are pretty hilarious. It may or may not look like it would be found in an OBGYN office, but I mean… I’d do pretty much anything for a juicy peach that defies gravity!

Am I forgetting anything?! Please let me know YOUR best Amazon health & fitness finds below, I’m always down to try + review something new!!!

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