Being tan is in my hierarchy of basic needs. I’m simply not myself without a summertime glow intact, all year round. So take it from me, a seasoned pro, and also a legitimate, certified tanning professional… ((My first job when I was 16 was at the tanning salon, give me the credit I deserve!)) Follow my tips for the perfect tan, every single time ♡


First thing’s first, if you have any leftover spray tan // self-tan, you gotta get rid of every ounce of it or else you’re going to look like a splotchy mess, guaranteed! There are a million ways to do this, from erasers to exfoliating gloves to scrubbing your skin raw with a towel after the shower, lol. My new preferred way: takin’ a dip in the pool or jacuzzi. Yes, swimming will straight up swipe off your tan. No tan will withstand chlorine, so if you want to keep it intact on vacation or whatever, keep this in mind! A hard truth, since many of us slap on a tan tan so we can look better poolside. This is why I started building a natural base tan in the sunshine ((wearing SPF, of course!)) because I love swimming in the summertime. Not only does fake tan look way prettier over a nice base tan, it fades a million times better as well. An almost unnoticeable wear off compared to the snakeskin look I used to get when I was a vampire girl who stayed out of the sun! Just something to consida, sis!

Dry brush. Shower. Shave. Exfoliate. & then, WAIT AT LEAST 30 MINS – AN HOUR!!! Dry dry. NO LOTION, DEO, OR PERFUMES. NO!!! The only lite lotion: on dry areas like elbows, knees, ankles, a lil on the hands…


☆ Apply generously to a mit & then evenly into your skin, all over! Bend your elbows and knees so you get all up in there. “But E!!! How do I get my back!?” Well, if you’re lucky enough to have someone to recruit help from, ask them to do it! I personally don’t have that luxury, so I’ve turned into quite the contortionist to get the job done! 😉 K, after, rub a touch of lotion into your elbows, knees, and then all over your hands & feet. Working quite a bit of lotion into my feet and hands and then washing the palms super good has been the game-changer to finally have them lookin’ good! IYKYK. Don’t be that chick with the dead giveaway freaky deaky fingers and tootsies!


Rinse with warm water, no soap!!!!!! The soap will wash away // splotch the tan. Do this, and the tan will continue to develop to her full potential! So many people miss the mark with this. 

☆ Gentle dry off, more pat than scrub.

FRAGRANCE FREE MOISTURIZER, HEAD TO TOE!!!! Perfumed lotion will eat away at the tan, especially when it’s brand new. Lube up, baby! 

☆ If I have something to do that night, I’ll shower as usual later that afternoon. I promise, if you do the no soap rinse your tan is going to look so much better & last much longer!!!

This should be obvious, but if you use an exfoliating scrub body wash, loofah, or wash cloth in the shower it’s GOING TO remove your tan. Just like chlorine in the pool! If you don’t stay moisturized 24//7 its also going to dry out and potentially crack, giving you lizard skin– never chic!