I learned a lot about myself during The Q. One thing being that my love language to myself is: GIFTS!!!! A package a day kept the moody blues ((somewhat)) at bay. Now, I don’t want you thinking that this is going to be an ~aMaZoN FaShiOn bLoG~ 💖 While I love a deal as much as the next girl, I really truly deeply hope & pray that purchasing “style” items on Amazon was just a phase to keep me afloat during dark times. My sights are set moreso towards the Revolve realm in the future, but the thing is… I have nowhere to wear anything fabulous right now! So please just bear with me while I share these budget-friendly finds & I pinky promise not to tell anyone you didn’t get it all from Shopbop, if you don’t… Our little secret 😉

♡ Jewelz ♡
I cannot even begin to tell you how many fools I’ve fooled with my new *gulp* diamond… I mean, crystal…. Okay, FINE!!! F*ING CZ!!! Collection. There? Are you happy?! The thing is, cheap costume jewelry tends to tarnish ((deadddd giveaway)) so I went on a quest to find the best simple– for the sake of my soul, I’m just going to call them “diamonds,” k?– diamond stud earrings. I LOVE these ones! They are sterling silver with 14K gold posts, which means no irritation and no color change in the future. They have a screw back, aka you’re screwed if you want to take them off 😝

On a serious note, my FAVORITE thing I’ve purchased this year is this diamond tennis bracelet. It makes me feel so glam! I bought it because a super chic girl that I follow on Instagram spilled the tea after wearing it for several years & said it was actually Swarovski! I thought for SURE it was real. I couldn’t add it to my cart fast enough & it brings me so much joy every single day… Keeping my wrist warm for when the real thing comes along someday, hehe. Shoutout Kacie! Add this to your Christmas list, ladies. You won’t regret it!

Tennis Skirt
It’s the cutttteeee girly tennis skirt trend for me!!! 😍 I’m loving this as an alternative to leggings while running errands & such. I’ve honestly never even tried on a pair of biker shorts ((aside from the collection I had when I was 7– if my legs were still that size, I might hike a pair onward and upward)) I think that this trend is just more my wave.

The bandeau “tanning bikini” that broke Basic Repellent! I’ve never worn a more flattering strapless bikini. Laying out by the pool & listening to Podcasts // audiobooks was my main quarantine hobby, and this bikini was my uniform! I wore my bandeau tan lines with pride all summer. It made me look like I had the CENSORED square over my chest, with and without the top on, lol.

Cover Ups
Adorable, flattering short sarongs. 2 for 1 just sweetens the deal, you digggg!? If you’re confident enough to strut around a pool party or the beach sans coverup, more power to ya! As for me, give me a sheer lil security blanket to hide my cheeky bikini bottom that sounded like a good idea at home, but I always second guess when actually out in public.

Bow Sandals
Once upon a time I was rockin’ the real deal cult classic Valentino Rockstud flippy floppys, but once they broke & I was also broke, there was no way I was shelling out $400 for another pair of plastic sandals. I’ve purchased all kinds of lookalikes since, and they’re all so good and adorable to slip on in the summertime.

Baseball Caps
They call these dad hats. I’m no daddy, but I find that these ’47’s are perfect for my lil head & I rock them constantly. I feel like go for a Leo DeCap ~DoNt LoOk aT mEeEeE i’M FaMoUs!!!~ dodging the papz vibe, with an ultra bent bill & pulled down further than necessary. I don’t know why I’m like this, it’s just how I roll 😉 The baseball cap look has pushed me forward in life so much so that it will be a major part of my everyday casual aesthetic, indefinitely.  Also, I like ordering them on Amazon so I don’t have to go to the mall and feel awkward while the high school boy working at Lids fumbles around a nervous wreck because girls never step foot into the store & they don’t quite know what to do with us. White NYC Yankees hat.

I’m a big advocate for sexy lil nighttime things, but everyone also needs to go full ugly every once in awhile. These pj pants are comfy af, how could they not be!? I have the leopard ones. They run huge, smalls are still way too big on me, but whateva.

♡  Sunglasses
If you’re like me and lose sunglasses like it’s going out of style, get yaself some dupes for when you’re day drinking! These Rayban lookalikes are so freaking adorable and add such a stylish lil touch to any outfit. Quality is decent, pretty amazing for the price ((~$12)) considering the alternative is around $200. I also love these Celine inspired ones! They’re super sturdy and extremely similar to the real deals. So feminine & chic.

I’m OBSESSED with this luggage! Definitely my second favorite Amazon “Style” purchase, ever. I got the gold in the biggest carry-on size available because one quirk about me is that I HATE checking a bag. I have a massive irrational fear of the airline losing my bag & all of my beloved things! Like, could you even imagine me pulling up to a new city on vacation without all of the outfits that I perfectly curated for weeks beforehand?! I never cease to impress people who travel with me by how much I can magically and methodically pack into a carry-on, lol. I plan to get the larger matching one soon, 10//10 recommend.

♡  Lululemon Lookalikes
I’m the biggest lululemon stan around, so people comparing these trash leggings to my precious Aligns is deeply offensive… If you MUST try them for yourself, I give a run-down of what I think about all of the most popular brands: here.

Moral of the story: I am most certainly not above Amazon fashion… But I just know that my fairy godmother, Coco Chanel, is turning in her grave rn & she’s so ready for me to turn my rags to Rag & Bone. Any time now, sis! 💖

Until next time!

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