about e ♡

She’s girly & glam with 100% chance of a spray tan. Boy crazy since birth. A diva in the desert, dwelling in Scottsdale & running around town with simple, housewife dreams for more years than she’s willing to admit. Until one day, she got the guts to chase her lifelong dream & she followed the yellow brick road all the way west until she found the place where the waves kissed the shore & she called that place “home.” In Los Angeles she found her voice. It’s a city of dreamers, but more importantly– it’s a city of doers. This place shook something up deep within her sparkly little soul & she finally realized that she didn’t need a city, a boy, a bag, or anything else to define her. She decided it was about damn time to take her destiny into her own hands, and get some dirt under those perfectly manicured claws. She is on a quest to create the life that she’s always dreamed of. Day by day, she is growing, learning, evolving, and slowly becoming the woman she’s always wanted to be… On her own terms. Welcome to Season 1 of my little blog