Let’s Talk About BOTOX! 💉❤️

Botox, botox, botox… 😍😍😍

One of my absolute favorite things! UGH, I swear it is like liquid confidence injected straight to the dome!!! When done well, all Botox does is shave a few years off of your face & make you look like you just awoke from a two year nap, a la Sleeping Beauty. Fresh & rejuvenated is the name of the game! It’s really NOT a big deal, and I truly believe that getting shot up with a lil preventative Botox in your twenties is the best beauty investment a gal can make.   

I wanted to do a lil experiment this fall to confirm or deny whether or not Botox is really THAT GREAT. Was it all in my head??? So, I took a 7 month hiatus… YES!!! You heard that correctly. This self-proclaimed addict’s last treatment was last June! During that time, I amped my skincare waaaay wayyyyy up ((Hello, Drunk Elephant + Sunday Riley)) & while that did make my skin’s texture much nicer… there is just truly NOTHING like good ol’ Botox to snatch you up, make your skin look as smooth as glass, and say “ta-ta” to fine lines!!! Even the most expensive products still need that extra little push ((or shall I say, prick?)) that only an injectable can deliver.  

Here’s the thing: There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. First of all, it does NOT hurt more than an eye brow wax! I’m the biggest baby & hate needles, but this is a true walk in the park. Secondly, it does NOT make you look different!  Just YOU… but BETTER! Younger! Fresher! A snatched GODDESS! Hehe. Did I mention that I love this stuff?   People’s response when I tell them that I’ve done Botox: “WHAT?! Really!? I would’ve never known!” Thats the point, y’all. At the end of the day, all this product does is relax your facial muscles. Thus, softening fine lines. Wrinkles?! Never heard of her! ((Nor will I ever, thanks to this stuff!))  

All of that being said, there is ONE major key when it comes to doing anything to your face: going to the RIGHT professional! Like I said, this is an i-n-v-e-s-t-m-e-n-t, and should be treated as such! You can’t put your FACE in someone’s budget, shaky hands ((quite literally)) in hopes of saving a few bucks. You need to go to the creme de la creme… And I’m so happy I found her!!!!  Last week, I linked up with The Glam Nurse, Eva Unell in Old Town Scottsdale ((the best of the BEST!)) & she gave me some of that good good! 

The EG Special = entire forehead, brow lift, in between the brows, all around the eyes ((I mean, have y’all SEEN how much I smile!?)), and in the “bunny lines” are of my nose! 66 Units total, which is more than I’ve ever done, but I needed a real spruce after my seven month break! All I can say is that: I. AM. THRILLED with my New Year glow-up!!!! 

 It takes 2 weeks to fully sink in and be at its peak state, but for me, I always see and feel an immediate result when I get Botox! Eva is such a miracle worker, I already feel so snatched that I’m thinking about changing my name to EG Hadid.  If you’re looking for a lil confidence boost, I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest trying Botox! Again, it does NOT change the way that you look, it just makes you look BETTER & REFRESHED!!! Listen, I don’t know about y’all, but I’m just trying to stay FOREVER 25 over here, people!

 If you’re in Arizona you HAVE to go see my girl, The Glam Nurse, Eva Unell! She was even awesome enough to offer all of you $50 off your first treatment if you mention my name, and book before February 29! ((UM HELLO, YOUR 2020 SNATCH AWAITS!)) not only is she so sweet & stunning that you’ll literally stare at her in awe and be like “plz just make me look like YOU!” the proof is in the beautiful results she posts on her IG day after day on @the_glam_nurse & the raving reviews from all of her clients! 

Book your appointment with Eva at theglamnurse.com & follow her on Instagram @the_glam_nurse!


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