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It’s LEVEL UP season, babes!

Do you have your New Year’s glow up strategy in place? Your big 3 goals established? Daily intentions ready to go? Vision board locked & loaded?!

Oh… not yet…???

Don’t worry, I GOT YOU!!! ♡

The Level Up Challenge is back! This time, with the most fun & interactive lil feature to help you stay on track during the six weeks ((and beyond!)) You owe it to yourself to take just 10 minutes each day to get inspired + realigned with your goals, establishing new healthy habits. Right?!

First, we’re going to get crystal clear about your vision for the year. Then we’re going to break those dreams down into tangible goals & reverse engineer them into a solid game plan. From there, we’re going to customize your Level Up calendar with tasks personalized to your goals. Complete one of your tasks?! Add the correlating sticker to your day! Each sticker = 5 points. Hit 100+ points each week & you’re a freaking ⭐️ ROCKSTAR ⭐️ Not only do you get bragging rights when we do our weekly Level Up check-in… you’re ACTUALLY starting to hit your goals. Capeesh?!

We’re just getting started…

When you join, you have instant unlimited access to The Level Up Guide, which is my baby. It’s the holy grail Bad B*tch Bible that I created & spilled every single secret that I have. It’s 75+ chapters on everything from Mindset & Manifesting, Diet, Fitness, Skincare, Makeup, Hair, Style, Confidence, Feminine Charm, Social Media, and even a whole bunch of stuff about Boys & Modern Dating!!!

Then, we have to get you in the “Club,” which is our secret, invite only Level Up Challenge Facebook Group. When you join, you’ll be sent a link + instructions. Still having trouble? No problem! Just shoot me a message on FB & I’ll get you right in.

In the Level Up Club Challenge group, I have a daily bite sized prompt, conversation starter, activity that I “challenge” you to do, or a bonus video scheduled out to blast every morning for the next 6 weeks that I encourage everyone to engage with! Each week, we focus on a new topic:

⭐️ WEEK 1: Mindset
⭐️ WEEK 2: Diet & Fitness
⭐️ WEEK 3: Beauty
⭐️ WEEK 4: Beauty Continued & Style
⭐️ WEEK 5: Confidence
⭐️ WEEK 6: Healthy Habits & Creating LASTING Change!

We also do weekly goal setting sessions on Mondays & check-ins on Fridays which will help hold you accountable ((& you’ll share your cute little calendar so everyone can see how much you crushed it that week!)) We share our victories and we share our struggles, helping each other out, all along the way. It’s a community of beautiful, fabulous cheerleaders & instant BFF’s. We already have over 100 girls in the Level Up Challenge group and we’re so ready for some new friends + fresh faces to do this thing with!!! 

Literally nothing on planet earth makes me happier than girls sending me ♡-felt messages about how “Leveling Up” has changed their life & made them feel amazing about themselves. It started out as me just wanting to share my best kept-secrets, and it’s evolved into something so special… Something that I’m so proud of and in love with! We’re in the business of creating the life of our dreams and becoming the women that we’ve always wanted to be… Happier, healthier, and more gorgeous than ever before.

Ready?! Today only, get the Level Up Guide & join the challenge for less than the price of one week’s worth of lattes! Join here & use code: 2020 at checkout to unlock the $! This flash sale will end tomorrow, but if you miss it, enrollment is still open until next Monday ((even though the Challenge begins 1.1.2020, we always have a few who are late to the party after the champagne hazed New Year’s festivities are over!)) 

The Challenge runs January 1 – February 12 ((helloooo, sexy af by Valentine’s Day!)) and as of now, I’m not sure if I will start a new one next month, so don’t miss out on this super FUN opportunity to kickstart your goals & activate BOMBSHELL MODE

((PS: Here’s a little sample of what your little calendar will look like! SO cute & customizable, easy to use, and fits IG stories perfectly if you want to share your progress!!!))


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