For The Boys: Last Minute Gift Guide For The Lady In Your Life

Alright boys, I’m just going to cut to the chase & not even get cutesy with it… I know how y’all operate when it comes to gift buying: You wait until the absolute last second, go to the mall in a frenzy, and then ask the random girls at Nordstrom or Sephora what you should get. I’ve seen the receipts, and the facts are in: every single one of my boyfriends has purchased my gifts on Christmas Eve. But there’s a better way, and I’m going to help you out. I’m going to link you to what every girl ACTUALLY wants & will win you majorrrrr points this Xmas! Depending on your budget, I suggest picking a few bigger gifts & then doing a mix and match beauty product gift bag! If you need more assistance ((I hope I don’t regret saying this…)) slide in my DM’s with what you’re looking to spend and what the lady in your life is like & I will help you out!

To keep it simple, everything I list is either from Nordstrom, Sephora, or Lululemon & everything is guaranteed to ship before Christmas Eve! You’re welcome, fellas.


I can promise you right now, you will win the Boyfriend of the Year award & turn your girl into a ho-ho-ho on Christmas night if you give her a combo of these amazing gifts that she probably didn’t think to ask for, but will DIE over. The best news? You can get several of these things & it will still be less than half the price of the Gucci bag that she claims she’s obsessed with. This is quality and quantity. Just trust me! This is what my ideal lineup would be under the tree.

☆ Champagne

Alright, first thing’s first. If your bitch is bad & boozey just like me, I highly recommend getting ((and keeping)) her liquored up this holiday szn! A nice bottle of champagne to pop with the fam on Christmas morning is a chic move, or if you want a more subtle-factor, spike your coffees with Rumchata. While all of these gifts are A+, her excitement tempo will increase several notches if she has 1-2 cups of Christmas cheer before unwrapping your gifts… (( Get your mind out of the gutter 😉 ))

☆ Lululemon Outfit ~$200

DEFINE JACKET + ALIGN PANTS. Boom. Baby. You literally cannot go wrong with these two items. They’re sexy & insanely flattering on everyone. If she doesn’t own a lot of lulu already, order BLACK in both. For some reason, us chicks LOVE getting something new we can start wearing right away, so DON’T JUST GET A GIFT CARD. I’m willing to bet she will change into her new fit immediately & be grinning ear to ear. If you don’t nail the sizing or she’d rather get another color, that’s what the gift receipt is for– she can easily go exchange them. But physically having a new little outfit to unwrap is sooooo much more fun for us! Look at the size chart or ask her BFF what size she wears. For reference, I wear a 4 in everything.

☆ Leopard Barefoot Dreams Blanket $130

The Kardashians made this crazy soft blanket famous, and now it’s a cult classic. Not to mention, the softest thing you’ve ever felt in your life! She will know exactly what it is and her eyes will light up because she’s probably always wanted one, but didn’t want to spend so much buying it herself! The classic tan//black leopard is everyone’s favorite. Nordstrom has it on sale for 25% off right now, I linked it above! PRO TIP: Get a more subtle color for your mom, and//or the ROBE. She will brag to everyone for years about how it was the best gift, ever.

☆ The Perfect Faux Leather Jacket $98
I got this jacket for Christmas 5 years ago & have probably singlehandedly sold 100 of them because girls ask me where it’s from EVERYWHERE I go! The tea? Ladies LOVE IT. By far the cutest, most stylish faux leather jacket that goes with everything and never goes out of style! Everyone looks cooler in a leather jacket. Help ya girl out & get her the gift of swag.

☆ Initial Necklace $50

This is a sweet, chic little necklace she can wear everyday. I have a little tiny E one & I’m obsessed! BTW, get the initial of HER first name… Unless you’re super embarrassing & want to get your initial for her to rock around her neck and keep other males at bay.

☆ Sexy Silky Lil Robe $50

Every girl wants to feel sexy when she’s getting ready or even to elevate her “sippin’ coffee in the morning” look! If you’re sick of her lounging around in your baggy tee shirts, get her one of these sexy little things! Plus, they’re on sale at Victoria’s Secret right now. They are one of the most essential things in my wardrobe, and she can literally wear it all the time, for years. Lingerie is aggressive. Robes are the move.

☆ A Spa Day

Go to Target, get a cute card, write a sweet note & include a gift card to the spa. ((Also an A+ gift for moms!)) If you’re in Arizona, the best ones are at the Omni Montelucia, Phoenician, or The Sanctuary. Can’t go wrong with a massage + facial, and she can spend the whole day there by the pool having lunch and cocktails afterwards… BLISS!


You think your girl wants an expensive perfume, but what she would really get super excited over is a BUNCH of new beauty & makeup products to play with instead of just one big thing… AGAIN, JUST TRUST ME!!! I know you don’t get it, so I’m just going to link the BEST, not super expensive stuff that you can mix & match into the perfect Sephora sampler. Again, of course she can go exchange things with a gift receipt, but it’s sooooo much more fun to actually have stuff to open right then & there. Also, I’m such an expert that I’m confident that she won’t even want to exchange anything 😉 lol.

☆ Brazilian Bum Bum Gift Set $59

I INSIST that you get this!!!!!!! You will thank me. It’s a gift set of the BEST smelling “sex in a bottle” stuff that has ever graced God’s green earth, and everyone who’s ever had one whiff of it seriously agrees. It’s a spray, lotion, hand cream & body wash… And still less than half the price of a designer perfume. It’s honestly insane that it’s not way more expensive.

☆ Chanel Lip Gloss $30

You might not be in the market to get her a $5K Chanel bag, but she can still get a lil taste of boujie designer glam with a Chanel lipgloss! 😉 There’s just something about having one of these bad boys in your purse that makes you feel so extra, in the best way! The best colors are Melted Honey & Icing.

☆ Drunk Elephant BabyFacial Mini Set $28
Every girl in America would scream if she unwrapped Drunk Elephant. Their products are really expensive, so these minis are an awesome value. Baby Facial is my favorite skincare product EVER, it’s basically a super potent once a week face mask ((you know bitches LOVE face masks)) that literally gives you the same result as when you go to get a facial at the spa. If you’d rather just get her the full-size (($80, but still less than 1 real facial & has 6 months+ worth of uses!)) here’s the link to that: BABY FACIAL.

☆ Drunk Elephant Precious Cargo Gift Kit $88

If you’re cool with spending a little more and want to upgrade from the one above, THIS is the best skincare gift set that Sephora has to offer. There are a few Drunk Elephant kits on the site, but this one has the best products BY FAR ((trust me, I’ve tried them all)) and even has the mini BabyFacial in it, so don’t get both!

☆ Jet Lag Face Mask Mini $25

The best, hydrating face mask + skin product on the market! If she ever complains about her skin being dry, get her this. Even if she doesn’t… Get her this, lol.

☆ Wander Rose Gold Under Eye Patches $25

She will LOVE these & 100% post a selfie on IG stories of her rocking these boujie glittery under-eye masks.

☆ Natasha Denona Nude Mini Eye Shadow Palette $25

Universally GORGEOUS colors. All you need to know about this is that the full palette is $125, but this is the wildest hack ever because the colors included in this mini are the best ones & all she needs for the perfect eye look.

☆ Drybar Holy Trifecta Hair Products! ~$70

AMAZING smelling hair products you will LOVE! While she would be obsessed with anything Drybar ((a blowout at Drybar is also a good gift if you have one near you!)) here are my top three faves, in this order: Triple Sec **MUSTTTTT HAVE**, Invisible Dry Shampoo, Shine Spray.

☆ Le Labo Perfume

If you insist on going the basic route of perfume, you WILL NOT REGRET getting Le Labo. Pricey for sure, but it is SO unique & very powerful so one spritz is all you need. My favorites are: Another, Santal, and Rose

Slip Pillowcase Gift Set

Sleeping on silk is so insanely good for your skin & hair! This is such an awesome, glam gift because she might not splurge on this for herself, but she 10/10 wants it! Love this set, it included a pillowcase, sleeping mask, and silk scrunchies! BEAUTY SLEEP, baby.

There you have it, kids! The things that she REALLY wants this Christmas! If you need more help, you know where to find me. xo


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