15 New Favorite Beauty Products Under $25

Versed Shortcut Review

Versed Shortcut Overnight Peel $20

Alright, lets get this party started with an AMAZING new discovery I made a few weeks ago. Not gonna lie, I was skeptical to try this new brand “Versed” at Target, but with their low price point + irresistible packaging I gave it a shot… And couldn’t be more impressed! Love this new skincare trend of a few hot new brands going a more affordable, yet still super high quality route. Anyways, I ran out of my Sunday Riley Good Genes recently, and at a steep $105//1 oz I wasn’t racing out to replace it. So happy I stumbled upon this Versed Shortcut Overnight Peel, which is the same same but different, Lactic Acid + Glycolic treatment that has honestly yielded the same results as Good Genes— clear, radiant, even skin tone for only $20//1 oz. MAJOR WIN. Don’t be afraid of the “peel” in the name… My dry sensitive skin has had zero adverse effects. In fact, it’s pretty moisturizing! Apply a dime sized dollop to your cleansed, naked face before bed & wake up with fresh new baby skin. You’re welcome.

Versed Clarity Purifying Mask Review

Versed Charcoal Mask $10

So, I originally found Versed when I was on the hunt for my favorite L’oreal charcoal mask, but it was sold out! ((Thank u for that, skincare gods)) She was having a rare breakout moment & there’s nothing that sucks the life out of imperfections quite like charcoal… Enter: this lil packet of blue goo zit zapping goodness. Super clean, natural ingredients are not a requirement of mine when it comes to skincare because I don’t always feel like they perform very well– but in this case, they REALLY do! What I love about this mask is that it purifies without drying out the skin. There are 12+ applications per package, and I can personally attest to that! A+ product, 10//10 recommend for a deep cleansing mask.

St Moriz Dark Tanning Mousse Review

St Morin Dark $13

If you know anything about me, you know I LIVE for a good self-tanner. This chick has not been in the sun this entire decade, yet I’ve been faking a nice golden skin tone all the while. I like to bounce around with my tanners, so when my girlfriend Carli pulled up to the pre-game looking like she just got back from a tropical vacay, I held her at White Claw until she revealed her secret: St Morin. Alright. Just like the destinations, it’s not quite St Tropez, but… at a fraction of the price, I’m super into it! Also, it’s not a “prestige” brand at Ulta, so you can use a coupon on it. You are my kind of lady if you can relate to the struggle of the cashier saying, “Sorry, that discount doesn’t apply to anything you’re purchasing today!”

Sol De Janiero Bum Bum Brazilian Crush Fragrance Review

Brazilian Bum Bum Spray $20

THE FIND OF THE YEAR!!!! This is the most intoxicating, vanilla salted caramel, orgasmic, “sex in a bottle” fragrance of all time ((Under $100, at least!)) Unless you’ve had the honor of giving it a whiff, it’s hard to explain… Warm, sultry, sweet, and addictive. While I wish it had the lasting power of an eau de parfum, I actually like the softness of the body spray. Like, it’s as if it’s just your natural aroma 😉 Huge bottle, douse yourself head to toe ((stays well on clothes + hair)) and just try to not be annoyed when every single person stops you to tell you how good you smell. Plays nice with the lotion bellow.

OGC Miracle Coconut Oil Lotion Review

OGX Coconut Oil Lotion $6

Giant bottle, drenches the skin in nourishing moisture, smells amazing. No further details necessary.

OGX Argan Oil Hair Review

OGX Hair Oil $6

If you’re not using a hair oil before blow drying, you are a barbarian! I feel like it smooths, softens, and adds major shine… Oh, and it smells awesome too! Can’t beat the price, and I don’t see a huge difference between this and it’s expensive competitors a la MoroccanOil, etc. besides it being a thinner consistency ((which isn’t a bad thing)) Hair oil is good for ALL hair types, just trust me, it will change your life.

IGK Charcoal Dry Shampoo Review

Mini IGK Charcoal Dry Shampoo $14

Dry Shampoo is the official religion of Millennial girls. If you’re looking for the best of the best, look no further than IGK. Not all dry shampoos are created equally, and this one packs a real cleansing punch. It smells SO GOOD, and this mini size is perfect to throw in your overnight bag or even in your big purse if you’re a psycho like me & demand good hair at all times!

Vital Proteins Collagen Review

Vital Proteins Collagen $25

You need to be on the collagen train. Stay tuned for a full post dedicated to my personal results, but until then, adding THIS collagen to your coffee each morning is the #1 thing I can recommend to make you look prettier without even trying. More gorgeous hair, skin, nails, lashes… what more could you ask for?! This is the only brand and product ((specifically: Unflavored in the blue packaging above)) that I stand behind. Others that I tried upset my stomach, but this one has been nothing but pure MAGIC.

Natasha Denona Sunset Swatch Swatches Review

Natasha Denona Sunset Eye Shadow Mini $25

There is NOTHING… and I mean NOTHINGGG like a ’Tash ‘Nona eye shadow. This stuff transcends space & time. And by that, I mean even a 24 hour drunken wear test ((not that I’ve tried or anything…)) The colors and pigmentation are absolutely unreal, and her ultra expensive products are something that are actually worth every penny. The fact that she offers this mini palette for so cheap ((full price: $125)) with 5 STUNNING and wearable everyday colors is like the steal of the century to me. I’m sure that this is some kind of fluke or limited edition thing to reel people in, so if I were you, I’d buy now or forever hold your peace.

Natasha Denona Glow Duo Swatch Swatches Review

Natasha Denona Mini Bronze & Glow Duo $20

Since I love her shadows so much ((see above)) I decided to toss her bronzer // highlight mini in my Sephora basket to give it a try too. Why not?! It’s a cute, compact size that I keep in my purse for touch-ups and nights out. The bronzer is the PERFECT color ((been using it as my main for weeks now)), and the highlight is a really gorgeous gold tone with almost a rainbow shimmer. Super pretty on the décolletage and shoulders at nighttime. The sparkle is sooooo finely milled & light catching, her products are just SO well done, it’s insane.

Rimmel Blushing Belgraves Swatch

Nyx Liner + Rimmel Gloss 

I can’t go a single beauty post without hyping up the best gloss of all time under $5… Just trust me & stock up! While I’m a ride or die Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk  “lip cheat” aka liner gal, I also live for a good dupe. So on my last Ulta run, I picked up this Nyx one in Mauve & it’s gorgeous. Super comparable. Loving it!

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask Review

Mini JetLag Mask $25

My favorite crazy quenching, “cloud in a tube” face mask of all time… in a mini! You NEED this to toss in your travel // sleepover bag to quite literally wipe the hangover right off your face. Jetlag is perfect all the time ((no like literally, every single day if you can afford it!)) but especially during these dry winter months. This baby + the Bum Bum body spray is my favorite birthday gift to give my gals!

DIY Lip Mask Overnight Hydrating

Eos Peppermint + Vaseline = Best Overnight Lip Mask >$8
K, I do LOVE the Laniege Lip Mask, but… I think I like my lil concoction even better! When I put this on at night, I often wake up in the morning and my lips still feel coated af. Call me crazy, but I swear that the peppermint oil in the chapstick has lip plumping properties! Right before bed, OD on the chapstick & then put a thiccc layer of Vaseline over top. I also put a kiss of Vaseline all over my under eye area ((to seal in the moisture + whatever cream or treatment I used)) on my lashes ((my oldest trick in the book, everyone says I have the longest lashes ever!))  brows & ear lobes. So cheap, try it!

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