How To Get Started With The Law Of Attraction


Beauty is so much more than skin deep, and it’s totally true that nothing shines brighter than that of a gorgeous, sparkly soul! That’s why getting your mind right & becoming radiant WITHIN should be the first step in every chick’s Level Up journey.

Like showering, inspiration doesn’t last… that’s why its recommended daily! If you’ve “tried” the whole ~ PoSiTiVe tHiNKinGgGgGg // LaW oF aTtTrAcTtTtTiOn ~ thing ((that’s me typing in “hater,” lol)) and it hasn’t “worked” for you, is it because you only tried it for one day? A week? Maybe two? Did you REALLY commit? REALLY vibe out & give it your all? I encourage all of you naysayers to put your pride aside, and take a trip to Crazy Town with all of us “woo woo” Law of Attraction lovers. Give it a REAL shot ((as in, every single day)) and see what it does to the quality of your life! 

☆ The Law of Attraction ((In 30 Seconds, Flat!)) ☆

So what is this stuff? Simply put, The Law of Attraction states that you will attract into your life that which you focus on. Whatever you give your energy and attention to will come right back to you. So basically, stay focused on the dope & positive things in your life ((& on the things that you DREAM of manifesting)) and you will automatically attract MORE dope and positive things into your life! It’s a boomerang effect. Like attracts like. Thus, the same goes for all things negative. Dwell on the bad and watch your “luck” go down the drain. Ever have one of those days where nothing can go right? You keep thinking about it, talking about it, and more and more crappy stuff keeps happening to you! It’s no coincidence. Or, do you know someone whose entire life is consumeddd with drama? Every single day it’s something new and exhausting with them… Because that’s the way they’ve created their life to be with their thoughts & energy. LoA doesn’t discriminate good vs bad, it just reciprocates whatever you’re emitting!

“Wow, riveting information, E…” Yeah, yeah, yeah! Listen, if you haven’t played around with this stuff, I triple dog dare you to come hangout with us over in LoA lalaland for a bit & see what happens. Seriously! In just a few short months, girls in my Level Up Club who have never dared to adopt this woo-woo way of thinking have manifested: their dream jobs, dream vacations, had insane “coincidences” aka synchronicities occur, and even MAN-ifest their dream dude out of thin air. All of which, they claimed, seemed so out of reach before they changed their mindset… Just sayin! 😉 You’ve got nothin’ to lose & everything to gain, sis.

☆ Your Happy 100 ☆

One of my favorite “homework” assignments in The Level Up Guide is to curate your Happy 100! I came up with this exercise about 7 years ago, when I was feeling stressed, down & out, and needed to give myself a reminder that… This world is a pretty beautiful place if you stop and think about all the pretty little things that bring you joy! Sit down tonight with a glass of wine ((or whatever your bevvy of choice is)) light a candle, play your fave tunes, setting a sexy mood for your own damn self, get all those good vibes flowin… and then just write down allllllll the things you can think of that “spark joy!” My list contains everything from: joie de vivre, tall dark + handsome gentlemen, cold brew coffee in the AM till it’s time for pinot g in the PM, jalapeño yellowtail sashimi, trader joe’s, beach sunsets & flowerbomb perfume… To things like: finally feeling confident in my own skin, being unapologetically myself, and the thrill of not knowing what the future holds… Oh… And of course, a deep bronze self-tanner 😉 Go wild, write down whatever feels GOOD, and review this little list of goodness often. Instant mood booster, baby, at the ultra low cost of free99.

☆ Dream Life 10 ☆

How often do you realllllllllly sit down and give those big sexy dreams of yours some well-deserved attention!? After you’re in the “flow,” from your Happy 100, answer these questions. If money wasn’t an issue and you could have WHATEVERRRR your heart desired, what would your D-R-E-A-M life look like?!

1)) Who is SHE?! ((Your dream self)) What qualities do you possess?

2)) Where do you live? What is your home like? Where do you hangout?

3)) Who do you love? What do your family + social lives look like? Who are your friends?!

4)) What do you do for a living? What do your finances look like?

5)) What does your health & body look like? What are you doing to stay fit, active, and honor yourself?

6)) What do you do to bring fun & joy into your life?

7)) Where do you vacation? What adventures are you going on?

8)) What are you doing to spread love & give back to the community?

9)) What goals are you working towards? What have you accomplished?

10)) What beautiful things surround you? What fills your heart with gratitude?

☆ Visualization ☆


Visualizing is mentally rehearsing what is to come, with faith + passion, thereby attracting whatever it is you’re thinking about, right into your life. It is with this practice that you consciously create your reality… Become intoxicated by imagining this future of yours that is about to unfold! Feel GRATEFUL! Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve. I believe that we were all given the special, individual DREAMS in our hearts for a reason. Just like in The Alchemist, it should be our life’s mission to see the desires of our heart come to fruition. You weren’t given this burning, passionate desire for whatever you want, by mistake. It is meant for you! Believe that.

Use all five senses to envision your desires FULLY, as if it’s already yours. When I was young & obsessed with moving to Los Angeles, I would imagine ((with ALL of my might)) driving down the Pacific Coast Highway with the windows down, cruising while watching the sunset… I would feel and smell the cool, thick + salty ocean air, feeeeel the steering wheel of a Mini Cooper in my hands ((my dream car: I’m now on my second one)) blasting my favorite songs, wearing a sexy outfit on my way to a date with my crush ((the one that I tell a story about in Level Up Guide, that I physically ran into ALL the time!)) I would daydream with all of my might what it would be like to live there.

Spoiler Alert: ALL of these things happened, eventually. But 100X BETTER than my wildest dreams! When LoA visualization is done properly, it is like a love affair. You are THERE, seeing it with your own two eyes, hearing it, tasting it, feelings all the feels…It’s so crucial that you use all 5 senses. You have to be in the moment, what you’re picturing has to become absolute reality in your mind! You can visualize any time. While meditating, driving in your car, laying in bed before you go to sleep… You have access to doing this at any time, so go to this place of getting lost in thinking about your dream life, often.


…… So! What’d ya think about this little snippet?! In the Level Up Guide we dive soooooo deep into M I N D S E T , whereas here, we just dipped our perfectly polished ((“Mod About You” baby pink, always)) lil pinky toe in!

This section of the Guide alone is worth its weight in gold based on the way it’s changing chick’s lives!!! Mindset Curriculum:

♡ Becoming HER ((The Woman You’ve Always Dreamed Of Being!))
♡ How I Attracted My Celeb Crush RIGHT Into My Life Over & Over Again ((Proof That This Stuff WORKS!))
♡ The Law of Attraction For Blondes
♡ Your Happy 100 + Dream Life 10
♡ Visualizing + The 17 Second Rule
♡ Scripting
♡ Meditation
♡ The Millenial Girl’s Miracle Morning Remix
♡ Get Your Vibes Up: PRIMING… And I’m Not Talkin’ Amazon!
♡ The Spiritual Gym: Building Your High Vibe Muscles to Get Those Dream Life Gains
♡ Goal Digger: The Bad B’s Guide to Setting & Crushing Your Big Sexy Goals
♡ Protecting Your Energy ((At All Costs!))
♡ The Watch // Read // Listen List

((Let’s be real sis, The Level Up Guide is less than the price of a bottomless mimosa brunch & will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!)) We’re also currently running a super fun 8 Week Challenge in a secret member’s only FB group, getting us all right & tight for 2020! Ready to Level Up?



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