The Level Up 6 Week “New Year, New You” Challenge

Get ready for this exciting new year by getting your mind right, body tight, skin bright, beauty beaming & bombshell-level confidence gleaming! The best side effect of Leveling Up? A fun, renewed zest for life…

Because it’s fun to work on elevating yourself + upgrading your lifestyle! It’s fun to take your destiny into your own hands and to actively create the life of your dreams. It’s fun to learn new tips + tricks that make you love what you see in the mirror & match your stunningly gorgeous inside. And it’s fun to meet new, positive, like-minded girls in The Level Up Club who are also committed to their big sexy goals. Some of us are missing those type of cheerleaders in our lives– your Level Up Sisters are here to be your biggest supporters, #1 fans, and most importantly, to hold you accountable. You owe it to yourself to become the woman you’ve always wanted to be! This is the perfect way to start. 

So, how does it work!? 
The Level Up Guide contains 75+ chapters of exclusive content, covering:

☆ Mindset 
☆ Body ((Diet & Fitness)) 
☆ Beauty ((Skincare, Makeup, Hair)) 
☆ Confidence, Charm & Charisma
☆ Socials 
☆ BONUS: Modern Dating ((For The Single Ladies!)) 

Once you’re in the club, you’re in for life! You’ll have unlimited access to the guide ((which is always being updated and added to)) The Level Up Club Facebook Group ((Invite Only)) and all exclusive Level Up Challenges! The Guide material is like the prerequisite reading so that everyone in the club has the same info available and is on the same page. Consider it your very own personal development arsenal, filled with insanely powerful manifesting tools, healthy lifestyle hacks, the best kept beauty secrets, and endless tips on how to become the most confident, charming, charismatic chick in any room! 

The 6 Week Challenge is going to go like this… 
Enrollment opens TODAY and closes on Tuesday 1.7.20 ((so don’t forget to round up your squad & have them join with ya)) Once you’re in, you will have immediate access to the Level Up Guide and will be added to the Level Up Club Facebook Group. From there, be sure to introduce yourself on the Welcome // Get To Know You threads, we love to meet our new built-in eBesties! 

Each week we will be working on a new topic, and each DAY there will be a new “Level Up Homework” assignment // conversation starter // actionable tip // bonus video correlated with the subject at hand so that you can apply all of this new knowledge into your life RIGHT AWAY! There will also be weekly Goal Setting // Accountability threads, IG engagement trains, and tons of inspiration. Just like in Basic Repellent, you’re more than welcome to post your own Level Up questions and stories in the group as well! Arguably the best part of the new challenge is the interactive Calendar that I created! It’s a fully customizable & super fun way to track your progress, hold you accountable, and really commit yourself to your goals FOR REAL this time!!!

If the time constraint feels aggressive to you, first of all: Pretty girl, you can do hard things!!! However, if you want to go at your own pace– that’s totally fine, too! The daily posts will be up forever & will be easily searchable if you prefer do do things on a timeline that works better for you.

So… Are you with me?! Who’s ready to change their life & glow-up, waltzing into 2020 as your BEST, most radiant self yet?! 

This is for the girl who… 
♡ Wants to feel better about herself, but doesn’t know where to start… 
♡ Is due for a re-invention: mind, body, beauty & social life… 
♡ Is done doubting herself and knows she’s ready to step into her next level… 
♡ Is ready to finally ditch the excuses, lock arms with other like-minded babes & start becoming the woman that she’s always dreamed of being ((& would love to make a whole bunch of new besties in the process!)) 
♡ Is determined to make 2020 the BEST year of her life, and wants to kick it off with a head start, confidently dancing into the new decade with a new sparkly vibe + life that she LOVES! 

Over 300 girls have joined The Level Up Club & completely changed their lives for the BEST… Are you ready to become the next success story!? 

Enrollment opens NOW! Join HERE & Use code “2020” to join for my special BFF $ ((Yes, I’m aware that I’m basically giving it away! Code expires in 24 hours– don’t wait!)) and then reply to this email with the name + email you signed up under so that I can add you to The Level Up Club Facebook Group ASAP! 

Couldn’t be more excited, y’all! 

Let’s do this.



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