Valentino Rockstud Flip Flop Dupe

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This is my FAVORITE Spring 2019 find thus far, a total must have for the warmer months & vacation szn! Backstory: I wore my black Valentino Rockstud flip flops TO FILTH for a year, before they broke last month. To say that my heart was broken would be an understatement 🤪 While obsessed, I’m not about to shell out another $350 for another 365 days of wear! Plus, would the nude ((the color pulling at my heart strings, how cute with white jeans, right?!)) get dirty quickly and end up not being worth it? After rocking my super sexy Stuart Weitzman OTK Boot DUPES all winter long & saving myself over $600 by purchasing her identical twin on Amazon, I’ve officially decided that I’m not above the designer catfish lifestyle 🤷🏻‍♀️ Is that wrong? Ehhhh don’t know, don’t care 💗 More $$$ for my Drunk Elephant // Revolve // Botox fund! ANYWAYS, I Prime’d these lookalikes one tipsy Friday night & had them delivered straight to my door by Monday afternoon! I’m in love. They’re virtually identical, besides the fact that there is no logo on the top of the shoe ((where your foot goes & rubs off the “Valentino” anyways)) Unlike in the photo, there is NOTHING written on the top of the shoe. In true OG Valentino fashion, it even has the floral raised embossment on the bottom ((if ya know, ya know!)) The best part? They are PENNIES compared to the real deal! Am I a fraud? *Sips tea* Yes. And proud. Until I am a cast member on RHoBH, I shall have no shame. 


I ordered true to size & they are perfect for me! If you’re nervous about it though, order up, because some people tend to claim that they run a tiny bit small.


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