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A-Passioni Retinol Cream
♡ I officially knew February was going to be REALLY GOOD when the Skin Gods delivered me the ultimate blessing… the stars aligned & I crossed paths with a Drunk Elephant exec at DryBar & she gifted me this little tube of heaven! I think it was my karmic reward for being so devoted to BabyFacial & spreading the word about its sorcery to anyone who will listen 😉 So, this is a new 1% retinol that is SO HOT in the skincare world rn, delivering super transformative results. Some girl said it best on a Sephora.com review, “TEXTURE? Never heard of her”

PSA: If you don’t know how to use it, you WILL burn your face off! Anyone who has made the terrible mistake of using a hardcore product like this incorrectly is clenching their cheeks rn, LOL. If you have the patience of a toddler, opt for something more like BabyFacial which is low-risk & delivers immediate results. Your relationship with Retinol must be long-term, not a fling! And baby, you have to COMMIT through thick & thin. Because for this stuff to WORK for ya, first it has to ruin your life a little bit. You might purge or peel at first, but after your skin gets used to it, your skin will be more clear, poreless, and PERFECT than it’s ever been in your life! Start with 1 pea sized amount of A-Passioni + 1 pump of B-Hydra + 1 pump of Protini Polypeptide Cream (( all described below! )) one night a week. Trust me! Then work your way up to twice a week, every other day, and then daily if you can handle it! PRO TIP: Wait 30 mins after cleansing your skin so your face is super super SUPER dry before you apply. I am SO beyond excited about my new Retinol journey, lmk if you’re going to join me on this quest for glass skin!

B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum
♡ “A cool drink of water for your thirsty skin” I was instructed to cut my new drug– I mean, use 1 pump of B-Hydra as a “buffer” to replenish moisture while applying my Retinol. DE products are all specially formulated to work together, so I replaced my usual, trusty Trader Joe’s Hyalauronic Acid Serum with this for best results! It’s SO juicy & yummy. Super plumping. I have a feeling I’m going to bathe in it during the summer.

Protini Polypeptide Cream
♡ “Think of Protini™ in your Drunk Elephant skincare routine like adding a shot of protein to your smoothie.” Say no more, fam. The third ingredient for this Holy DE Cocktail. But I have to be honest with y’all… I’m pretty luke-warm about this moisturizer. I’m using it, but I’m not head over heels. I’m not wild about Lala Whipped, either… Too heavy. That being said, I hit Sephora this weekend (( duh )) & picked up their newly reformulated Sephora Collection Nourishing Moisturizer and I like it a lot! Totally worth trying as an everyday moisturizer, especially at such an affordable price point. Still on the hunt for my RIDE OR DIE holy grailer, hopefully I will find her in March!

Mac Strobe Cream
♡ If you feel like your skin is lacking that “healthy glow” despite hydrating + hydrating her to filth, Strobe Cream is here to save the day! Primer is by far the most underrated makeup product. I literally WILL NOT wear makeup without it! Lately, I’ve been using Photo Finish + then patting a pea sized amount of Goldlite on my cheeks + forehead + lil nose (( okay fine, all over! )) before applying my foundation and it looks SO PRETTY. I don’t believe in setting sprays, I like my yummy primer to melt into my makeup as it wears to get the same effect. Try it!

Fenty Pro Filt’r Concealer
♡ O-M-G. I have spent my entire existence searching for the perfect concealer & I think I finally found her! Y’all, I was at a low point a month or so ago where I hated every concealer so much, that I stopped wearing it all together for awhile! Lol. I got shade 230 (( the site describes it as for light to medium skin with neutral undertones)) and I feel like it’s kinda NARS “Custard” adjacent, color wise. So creamy & brightening! My issue with concealer is creasing // dryness due to residing in the freaking DESERT. I’m head over heels in love. What’s Shape Tape…???

Drybar Triple Sec
♡ Y’all know by now that hair is my THING. Big, bouncy curls that must smell like a DREAM as I flip it to and fro! Crazy enough, I’ve been ditching hairspray as of late. I’m going for that ultra soft, touchable, tousled feel & have replaced my hairspray with Triple Sec— which is technically a texturizing spray! It delivers SO MUCH volume and a sexy, slightly messy look without weighing hair down or making it greasy. DryBar for the win, ALWAYS!

Vital Proteins Collagen
♡ So, I told my story about stumbling upon this miracle beautifying powder over on Basic Repellent. Think: me as a contestant on “Supermarket Sweep” at Whole Foods to the tune of Blue Cantrel’s smash 2001 hit “Hit Em Up Style.” This discovery was hands down the best thing to happen to me last Summer! One scoop of this collagen powder in my coffee each morning has made my hair longer and shinier than ever, skin clear & glowy, and nails strong and long af. Literally the easiest way to kick-start your 2019 glow up! Worth it’s weight in gold. We are doing a 30 Day Challenge over on BR and I can’t wait for everyone to share their pretty powder results !

Why Men Love Bitches
Basic Repellent’s Inaugural Book Club Choice !!!!! You guys don’t even know how excited I am for this! Like, every modern girl has “read” this millenial’s holy dating transcript, but it is SO WORTH revisiting regularly & deep diving into its content! Plus our weekly book club is BYOB. Just join us, mi amiga.

She’s sweet but she’s poison…

Snakeskin Bodysuit
♡ Wearing this bodysuit will make 13 men slide in your DM’s, each wear, money back guaranteed! I don’t know what it is about it, but this is a HOT top! Maybe it’s the slinky, second skin fabric. Maybe it’s the danger of the snake, “she’s sweet but she’s poison” vibes! K, so this is totally random, but I just feel like I wouldn’t be a girl’s girl if I didn’t share it! I bought my bodysuit from here, but one Sunday Funday, I had a “Bitch Stole My Look” moment at Maya Clubhouse. I peered over my sunglasses whilst sipping my Titos soda, checking out my outfit twin. Homegirl looked GOOD! We saw the sitch as a photo op, and compared orgins. Identical. Except she got hers on Amazon for a fraction of the price!!! So I hunted it down & found it for y’all. Buy this. Wear it out. You’re welcome!

Barefoot Dreams
♡ The polar vortex kicked my booty this season, as I did NOT sign up for 30 degree mornings as an Arizona resident! Not to mention, I only own fake winter clothes. As in, they’re built for fashion, not warmth. Any cold climate boys wondering why I always turn down invites to your arctic, snowy city? That’s the tea! The only thing keeping me alive & sans frost bite, is my collection of Barefoot Dreams goods. You have not LIVED until you’ve had the luxury of sleeping with one of these things! They are the softest, dreamiest, clouds of heavenly bliss and I refuse to ever go a night without one (( or two, if we’re being honest! )) Extra sexy points now that I wash them with Tyler Glam Wash. UGHHHHHHH. Alright, now I’m all hot & bothered… But real talk, the next time you feel like getting yourself a REALLY good splurge gift, treat yourself to Barefoot Dreams. You won’t regret it! My darling aunt bought me the WRAP last year for Christmas & I wear it every single morning as I sip my bombshell coffee. It’s like wearing the blanket. My next splurge will be the robe! Luxe!


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