Rose Gold Bluetooth Headphones

K, these are the cutest EVER… And at less than $30, I can’t believe I went so long without them! I wanted to get an inexpensive pair of bluetooth over ear headphones before splurging on Beats to test the waters & make sure I was into them… But honestly, I LOVE these so much that I don’t see any point in upgrading any time soon. Great quality, super comfortable, MUST have!

Tyler “Diva” Glam Wash

Never thought I’d be THAT bitch raving about laundry detergent… But you seriously just have to smell this stuff to believe it. Addictive, intoxicating, warm, AMAZING!!! It’s kinda expensive, but all you need is a small splash ((in addition to regular, unscented detergent– not sure about the cleaning power of Diva)) & the scent will wrap around all of your clothes. My personal fave? Washing my Barefoot Dreams blankets that I’ve been snuggling with ALL winter long! Nothing softer. Nothing yummier. Luxury. Get it!

Olaplex No. 3

NEWSFLASH: It isn’t just for processed blondes! Virgin brunettes ((I ain’t talkin Colton)) need lovin’, too!!! This weekly at-home treatment’s claim to fame: the miracle hair perfector that heals your strands from the inside out, “Our patented technology relinks the broken bonds in every type of hair providing real, structural repair that works from within.” I mean, say no more, fam! I feel like Olaplex is the biggest hair craze rn & in my opinion, it totally lived up to the hype! After one use, my hair was SO shiny, bouncy, and smooth. BUT, I was too afraid to use them on my clip-ins, so this month I used…

Drybar Mudslide

Confessions of a Clip-In Queen: I only wash my extensions 1-2 times during their lifespan ((I buy new ones from Bellami every 3 months)) I know that sounds disgusting, but washing them often completely ruins them! That being said, um, yeah this may come as a surprise but I’m really not the outdoorsy type & never get dirty, lol. I also wouldn’t wear them while working out! Anyways when I do give my babies their bath, I double cleanse with Sake Bomb & then let THIS magic elixir do its thing for 15 mins before rinsing. It makes my weave soooooo soft, pretty, and brings it right back to life!

IGK First Class Dry Shampoo

OFFICIALLY THE BEST DRY SHAMPOO OF ALL TIME! I think we all know by now, not all dry shampoos are created equally, right?! This one contains hot ingredient, charcoal, which is super good at absorbing the oil + odors. Just trust me on this!

IGK Direct Flight Dry Shampoo

I bought this to compare how it measured up against it’s brother, “First Class.” Thoughts: The smell is seriously SO good. It says on the bottle that it has a light cleansing level, and I feel that– more of a texture spray than anything else, IMO. Delivers that “second day hair” sexy grit to your freshly washed locks. Truly invisible, so if you’re one of THOSE who needs a more “user friendly” dry shampoo, this could be for you! Warning: Will cause men to lean in & give you that creepy extra long hug in order to smell your hair.

Drunk Elephant Sukari BabyFacial

Honestly THE most life-changing skincare product for me! Literally a facial in a bottle. K, I know it’s a teensy bit of an investment, but I think of it this way: There are at LEAST 20 uses in this thing, and it’s still less than the price of ONE “real life” facial! I prefer to buying high-quality skincare products & doing treatments at home on myself 10/10 over going in to get a facial somewhere. Who’s with me?! Anyways, do this one night a week for the softest, smoothest, clearest skin of your whole entire life, sis!!!

Dr. Dennis Alpha Daily Peel Pads

Okay, I should probably only be doing BabyFacial OR the Daily Peel Pads ((I never do them both on the same day, at least! LOL)) but I just got a little excited! I can’t help it. Skincare is my everything. Especially things that ladies make so many wild claims about, like, “The peel pads CHANGED MY SKIN!” Okay. Gimme some of DAT! I’ve been using them for a week & my skin looks pretty awesome. Cut them in half for double the product! I use them like this: Cleanse ((wait 2 minutes)) Peel Pad #1 ((wait 2 minutes)) Peel Pad #2 ((wait 2 minutes)) Put the two halves that I cut back in the packaging & put that into an airtight ziplock! Then do business as usual with your favorite serums + night creams! Voila! Even texture & perfect skin in 5 minutes, flat.

Charlotte Tilbury “Lip Cheat” in Pillowtalk

The lip liner cutely renamed the “Lip Cheat,” is just that! The formula is so thick and creamy, that if you draw a teensy bit outside of your natural lip line ((which so many of us secretly do)) it’s undetectable! The shade “Pillow Talk” already has a cult following, I’d say it’s a light mauvey-nude. I pair it with my favorite Charlotte Tillbury “Very Victoria” for a darker nude look + my ALL TIME FAVE $4 lip gloss, always. All hail Queen Charlotte, she whips up the best products ever– no lie!

Le Labo AnOther 13

Shout out to Brian @ the Nordstrom Mac counter who made me sell my soul to the devil for this fragrance. H-O-L-Y *insert favorite expletive here* This just might be the best thing I’ve ever smelled! So, as the story goes, it’s supposed to smell exactly like the pages of Vogue. You’ll only understand when you catch a whiff! I know, I know, Le Labo is HELLA expensive, but it’s for good reason. A) I was told that the oil content of your average luxury fragrance is like 2%, whereas Le Labo’s is damn near 40%. What does this mean? It is STRONG, a little goes a long way, and it stays on you foreverrrrrr. B) It’s simply THE BEST. EVER. If you’re looking for a crisp, clean, yet SUPER SEXY & seductive Spring fragrance, try this!!! If you want to go a more “Floral? For Spring? Groundbreaking…” Go for my other Le Labo fave, ROSE 31. Heaven.

Beauty Blender Dupe

I’ve tried every beauty sponge on the market, and I legitimately find THESE to be the best of all time! Does anyone really feel like the $20 name brand Beauty Blender does a better job than the cheapies!? I’ll never forget being at the Forever21 at the Beverly Center when Jade bought one of their sponges at checkout & the girl told us that Mario… Makeup by F*ing Mario… KARDASHIAN Mario…. is in there all the time buying sponges. I don’t have the patience to brave the mall, so I’ve found that these Prime-able babies from Amazon are ideal! A year’s supply ((toss them once a month- sanitary af!)) for the price of ONE at Sephora. Just add them onto your next order & thank me later.

Kopari Coconut Oil Deoderant

This is gonna be a big, fat, NO for me, dog. The scent is nauseating, the consistency is soooo wet, and it just doesn’t work for me. AT ALL. I wanted to love you so badly, Kopari!

As always, join the convo in BASIC REPELLENT where we share all of our favorite finds + the duds not worth droppin’ your hard earned coin on in real time!

What should I try this month?! Drop your best New Years finds below!!!


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