The Perfect Stuart Weitzman “Highland” Boot Dupe


Once upon a time, I was a 19 year old girl with Louboutin dreams. The year was 2009, and the lipstick sole’d stilettos were the biggest craze. “If only I had a pair…” Young EG often thought, “Then my life would be complete.”




$1,000 shoes.


This is truly what my ((basically)) prepubescent self hoped & dreamed for.


When I began dating my first real boyfriend, all of my dreams came true! Shoe dreams, that is. I’ll never forget, he went to New York City & told me that he brought back a present… While I expected something more along the lines of a snow globe from Times Square, I couldn’t believe my eyes when he pulled the perfect brown shoe box from behind his back & placed it on my lap.


“Christian Louboutin” was written in white script across the top, I couldn’t catch my breath. I must’ve just wrapped binge watching Sex In The City, my Carrie Bradshaw obsession at an all-time high. In order to walk in her footsteps, I knew that I needed to do two things: write in a cheeky, witty tone… and to live far beyond my means, dressing fabulously at all costs. My entire self-worth was based on what type of designer duds I could get my hands on. Because that’s what life is about when you’re 19. I peeled back the white tissue paper, and laid my eyes on the most BEAUTIFUL nude espadrilles, with a natural braided wedge, and the signature pristine red sole. Life. Complete.


If you knew me back in those days, you know that I wore those damn shoes EVERY day of my life! Never would I ever miss the opportunity for a crisp foot pop, in hopes of revealing the ((eventually-tattered)) red bottom. I couldn’t wait to sit down & casually cross my legs, subtly showing onlookers my social status. I thought that I was IT in those things. It didn’t matter that they killed my feet. It didn’t matter that in reality, absolutely NO ONE cared or noticed. Because to me, at that time, my teenage self felt like I was somehow a part of the elite club of ladies who wore them. I went on to add a few more pairs to my closet. Each time, the value of them became less and less to me. Eventually, the novelty wore off & I realized that they’re just like any old pair of shoes– just WAY more expensive. Not to mention, I’d run them into the ground and trash them within a few short months. I’ll never forget the monumental day that I became upset & was like WTF! I’d rather get 10 pairs of Steve Maddens, than 1 pair of these!


And I’ve never looked back.


Thank God.


Now, don’t get it twisted! I am a lady who LOVES fashion, and LIVES to dress. But for as long as I fund my own closet, I am on an eternal hunt to get the chicest look for least amount of money. And a low price doesn’t have to mean low quality! I can tell you firsthand that designer does NOT always equate to a super high quality piece.


Cue: The Stuart Weitzman “Highland” Boot


The most coveted thigh-high of the past few years! This boot is SEXY. It’s ELEGANT. Versatile! Dress ‘em up with a dress, or down with a great jean & top. They have a block heel which makes for easy walking//relatively comfortable, and they’re TIGHT, stretchy, and won’t slouch down the leg ((Nothing worse than a floppy boot!))


They can be yours! For $800.


OR… you can “Prime” her sexy twin sister for less than $100! The proof is in the Amazon reviews. Hundreds of ladies who also own the real deal Stuey Weitz’ went ahead and copped these babies and have posted tons of photographic evidence & testimonies that they are virtually the SAME. Cuz did you know that the originals aren’t even adorned in real suede?


I bought them a month ago & have already worn them over a dozen times! I LOVE these boots, and plan to buy them in grey and tan as well!


They’re constantly selling out & re-stocking sizes, so keep your eyes peeled and check religiously! Your lucky day will come soon, promise. It took like 3 days of checking for my size to be replenished.


Knock em dead, sisters.

3 Responses
  • Linda
    December, 4, 2018

    I love your blog beautiful girl!! Miss your face!!

  • Kristen
    August, 21, 2019

    The link is no longer working! What is the name of the boots?

    • erikagarrett21
      August, 21, 2019

      UGH, the seller Kaitlyn Pan actually got shut down unfortunately!!!! Praying another great dupe comes out for this fall!

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