Ice Roller
: Everyone’s talking about ice rolling, and it’s for a good reason! Rolling is now my favorite part of my morning ritual. I honestly notice the biggest difference EVER when I don’t ice roll in the AM + before doing my makeup. If I don’t have it on hand, I will run an ice cube over my face, but it’s not the same… at all. Listen, I wake up each morning looking like a little puff pastry, and at a whopping $10, the ice roller is one of my most essential beauty tools of all time! It de-puffs, firms, and massages the skin which prevents wrinkles, increases blood circulation, minimizes pores, and promotes that healthy radiant glow that we are ALL looking for. I love the stainless steel version, you keep it in your freezer & and if it’s squeaky just dab a little coconut oil in the hinges! If you’re late to the roller party, this is the one thing you need to add to your cart immediately.

Silk Pillowcase: I’ve been sleeping on a silky pillowcase since I was in high school. I’ll never forget the day I made the purchase of my VERY hot fuchsia sheets at Urban Outfitters and how cute I felt sliding out of them every morning. No, I mean… literally falling out of bed- I do not rec the full sheet set LOL. I did not, however, know all of the amazing benefits that come with sleeping on silk! It’s so gentle on the skin and hair, prevents wrinkles, and keeps your situation hydrated. Think about it: cotton absorbs everything. You spend all of that time applying your precious evening serums and moisturizers, only to make a moment of face to pillow contact + have that little devil soak it all up! No joke, if I sleep on a cotton pillowcase, I wake up with hair that looks like I was electrocuted, and skin drier than my current DM inbox. I’m now a psycho that will bring my pillowcase to sleepovers… All in the name of beauty, baby! I also turn it inside out and throw my extensions in it while traveling to keep my weave from resembling Raggedy Anne.

Microneedle-Roller: Now that I moved back to the desert, I’m completely revamping my skincare regimen. Mind-blowing information = your skin gets crazy dry in daily 115 degree heat. Anyways! One thing that I will NOT be ditching is my micro-needle roller and serums! This little gadget is exactly what it sounds like. Hundreds of teeny tiny needles that you roll over your face, which stimulates collagen production and promotes cell turnover, resulting in plump and youthful new skin. I do this at night 2-3 times a week. I cleanse + then apply a thin layer of Hylauronic Acid Serum. Micro-needle roll over the entire face for a minute or so and then apply another layer of an active ingredient serum RIGHT AFTER I’m done rolling. It helps the product penetrate 10x deeper as well. If you’re gentle, it’s also safe enough to roll over your under-eyes and lips to stimulate collagen in those sensitive, premature aging prone spots! Okay honestly, this can HURT after, so you need to be really careful with your pressure! Budget friendly alternative to the hottest celeb facial treatment rn!

Baby iPhone Ring Light: It’s 2018, we all know by now that lighting is everythinggggg when it comes to selfies! And FaceTime…? Zero forgiveness. You can’t run, you can’t hide, but this little clip on ring light will step your selfie/FT game up at least 20 notches for less than a years subscription of FaceTune 😉 Enough said.

BEST Dermaplaning Razors: Time to toss your Tinkle razors, sis! There’s a new tool in town thats legitimately 100x better! I don’t know what rock you’ve been living under if you’re not on the dermaplaning train by now. It is arguably THE most necessary thing you need to start implementing into your routine! I stumbled upon this new razor when re-ordering Tinkles last week, but the Prime shipping was going to take like 5 days?! I was in full desperate mode, so I ordered these ones that were double the price {don’t fret, they’re still cheap af!} but had same day shipping… and now I will NEVER go back! Ultimate game changer, my skin has never been smoother & my makeup is going on like butttaaaaaa! Was equal parts elated + horrified by how much fuzz/dead skin that this little angel removed.

Waist Trainer: Bad bitches have been using waist trainers, otherwise known as corsets, for hundreds of years. Wearing this latex trainer consistently for several hours a day will definitely snatch you up an inch or two and help you achieve more of an hourglass shape. It is also AMAZING for helping your posture, but honestly- the reason why I really love this thing is because it’s truly the only thing that has really really helped with my ultra terrible cramps! The tight pressure alleviates the pain SO much, it’s actually crazy! Anything to achieve that completely unrealistic, unnatural Kardashian/Jenner/Fashion Nova model body type, am I right? 😉 I wear the size Small on the tightest clamp, but I won’t get so crazy as to get the XS. The only thing I’m trying to crush is my goals {+ maybe boys’ hearts} not my internal organs.

Silicone Shapers: Hmmm okay, clearly at this point- there is ZERO shame in my game! So I have about 500 boob tricks up my sleeve. Fake it till you make it, you feel me?! Or I suppose in this case… Fake it till you FAKE it? One trick I use to upgrade my C’s to D’s is to stuff my bra with these bad boys from time to time if I’m going out & want a lil extra umph. I discovered them because I originally bought them at Everything But Water to slip into my un-padded bikinis. But when I lose weight, my chest gets much smaller so this little hack just brings me back to life until I go under the knife hehe.

LA Girl Pro-Prep Primer: So my two holy grail primers are Smashbox PhotoFinish & nothing on earth beats Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow, but at their high price points I wanted to find something less expensive for insignificant makeup looks {IE: gym + errands} to wear under my ride or die CC cream. And uhhhh… sometimes I just don’t FEEL like spending $50 on a primer! Cue this $5 HOT FIND!!! It is freaky close to the same formula as Smashbox IMO- unsure I’ll ever go back to the original again. I LOVE this stuff! Silky smooth siliconey goodness. Super proud of this budget discovery 🙂

Vital Proteins Collagen Powder: Adding one scoop of this tasteless, textureless powder to my coffee in the AM will make me more beautiful?! Ummm, no brainer! The benefits of collagen are endless. I’ve been doing a variety of things to #GLOWUP in recent months {isn’t being the hottest ex-girlfriend ever every girl’s goal?} My hair is longer, my skin is brighter, I’m skinnier, and I feel GREAT! I drink this daily, so I’m thinkin’ this collagen mightttt have something to do with it… Or maybe it’s just the 220 lbs I just lost? *hairflip*

Aztec Indian Healing Clay Mask: Hands down the best detoxifying + balancing mask, bar none. And so cheap! You can pick it up at Whole Foods, but obvi Prime is the most convenient option of all time. Do not pay attention to the instructions, they are trash! Mix 1 tablespoon of powder with a little less than 1 tablespoon of Organic Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar in a tiny little bowl like Astra Gourmet Set of 4 Ceramic Marble Pattern Soy Sauce Dipping Bowls/Appetizer Plates/Serving Dishes/Condiment Dish, 3.1-Inch(Assorted Color)“>this {not sure if I’ve ever seen anything cuter in my life!} and apply. Let dry completely. It stings sometimes, but that’s just the product at work… Love that feeling 🙂 Rinse gently with warm water, it’s normal to be red afterwards. I like doing it in the evening, rinsing it off in the shower {it’s messy} and then waiting a few hours to put any skincare on. This stuff is seriously a God send! If you’re having troublesome skin, I rec sticking with it and using daily until your skin clears up. It may get a tad worse before it gets better, as it might be bringing the bad stuff to the surface, but seriously just give it a few days for it to work it’s healing magic!

Tan: My love affair with self-tanner is no secret! And while I’ve tried everything under the sun {my full tanning post here} I have a secret I’ve been keeping from y’all… I am in LOVE with this super inexpensive drugstore tanner! I’ve been reaching for this instead of my ride or die Fake Bake serum for the past few months. AND you can Prime it?! Give it a shot! If you can get your hands on the new “Ultra Dark” Tahiti version, clear the shelf! It’s THAT good.

Blackhead Vaccum: Okay guys, I saved the BEST for last!!! Up until a few weeks ago, I thought that I’d tried every Pinterest DIY + Biore strip on the planet to remove the blackheads on my nose… Nothing ever worked. At all. THEN I stumbled upon THIS godsend on my girlfriend Natali’s Insta Stories & I ordered IMMEDIATELY! Holy. Crap. This is the biggest game changer EVER for your little nose! Clean as a whistle, baby lol. The #1 key is that you have have have to steam your perfectly cleansed + naked skin for at least 3-5 mins to get your pores niiicccce and open beforehand {an extra long hot shower could work, or put your face over a pot of boiling water. There are SO many benefits to steaming, you should just order one of these guys, tbh!}. Then run the device up and down your nose {I rec the first speed, but there are 3 speeds if you need a little extra help!} Do NOT move beyond the nose or you will wake up with bruised little hickeys on your face. Trust me… This girl found out the hard way 😀

Please slide in my DM’s with your favorite Amazon Beauty Finds, I truly LIVE for new hacks! XOXO



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