By now you’re probably like, “EG… we get it. You love Trader Joes, you’ve only said it 100 times already” and I’m like, “Yea. But… did I tell you about the Cruciferous Crunch?!” I’ve had a few requests to drop my weekly grocery list, so without further adieu, here is my ultimate HEALTHY Trader Joe’s shopping list & must-haves that I have purchased over and over again!

Bananas: .19 cents each! I cut them up into 1/4’s, freeze the slices in a bag, and throw in one piece {or two if I have a sweet tooth} into my green smoothies.
Organic Baby Spinach: How I like my spinach: creamed & at Mastros *drools* But yeah, that’s not realistic so- really not fond of the stuff on its own, but I use a giant handful of spinach in my green smoothies & can’t even taste it!
Cauliflower Rice: “Nothing But Cauliflower” If you haven’t gotten on the cauli train, you totally need to! At 25 calories per serving, it’s an excellent carb alternative. I love sautéing it up with EVOO, a little cheese, and spicy Italian chicken sausage. I only eat cauliflower for dinner, as it super high and fiber & makes me feel bloated af going throughout my day if I eat it for lunch. “Use cauliflower as a substitute for mashed potatoes, rice, and any joy in your life. You have no friends now, there is only cauliflower…”
Cruciferous Crunch: Shredded kale, shaved brussels, sprouts, broccoli, green + red cabbage. Um! A little party in a bag! Who doesn’t love a good chopped salad? A few handfuls of this + protein of your choice + the dressing below is the MOST DELICIOUS, NUTRITIOUS & EASY lunch EVER!!!
Cold Pressed Green Goddess Salad Dressing: You won’t ever want another salad dressing in your life! No seriously, this stuff is HEAVENLY + clean! Dressings are usually the silent killer of salads, making them ultra calorie laden, but this one is only 25 cals a serving. Super creamy, dreamy & satisfying 🙂 Found by the bags of spinach/kale/etc.
Avocado- Guac To Go: Avo. The basic betch’s main food group. I just can’t with a ton of fresh produce, it goes bad before I have the chance to eat it. So I love to buy these little 100 calorie avo packets to have with eggs if I’m feeling sassy. Remember- avo’s are super high in {good} fats, but limit yourself to only half of an avocado a day so you don’t overload & accidentally get {bad} fat lol. They vary between 250-350 calories per  whole fruit. Not all green things are created equal!
Vegan Kale Cashew Basil Pesto: OMGGGG, this stuff is GOOD! I love to mix a tablespoon or two into my zucchini noodles. Literally my favorite at home dinner. You’ll find it by the hummus! Yummy on eggs or pasta {or red lentil sedanini, pour moi}
Organic Eggs: I’m a scrambled + a sprinkle of feta + hot sauce kind of lady.
Hardboiled Eggs: One of my favorite snacks! So satisfying + a great source of protein. I like to have two at a time and dip into a little bit of the green goddess dressing to hold me over if I’m hungry in between meals.
Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk: I splash equal parts this + water in my green smoothies, OR…
Coconut Water: Yum. A good alcohol mixer + hangover elixir. Or to rehydrate after an extra tough workout! I love a little coco water here & there.
Organic Flaxseed Meal: Add 2 heaping tablespoons to my smoothies. So many health benefits like omega-3’s, high in fiber, and I heard it’s amazing for your hair + skin! Reason enough for me to throw it in! I prefer the flax meal over the seeds.
Organic Maca Powder: Maca is SO intriguing to me, I love reading up about foods with natural medicinal properties to heal- I don’t take any modern day medications unless I am absolutely dying with a headache or cramps & I’ll pop an Advil. Speaking of cramps, I first started implementing maca into my diet because it is supposed to aid in balancing your hormones and my periods have gotten SO painful in my mid-twenties, which is weird because I had never had any issues before… The joys of being a woman! Anyways, this amazing stuff has been shown to enhance sexual health and libido; improve energy, mood and memory. WILD, right?!?! I swear my boobs grew substantially when I was taking maca daily last year, lol. I had forgotten about this stuff until now… Adding it back into my daily routine, stat! I mix 1 tbsp into my coffee in the morning. The taste is weird at first, but once you become used to it you will love and crave the interesting nutty flavor, at least I do! Oh & the best part: it’s only $5 for a nice sized organic bag at TJ’s, whereas I was spending close to $15 on Amazon.
Electric Buzz Coffee Cups: 170 g caffeine! My roomie & I used to complain about how we felt like TJ’s coffee didn’t have any caffeine in it, it’s like they read our minds & created this new coffee just for us! It’s new, I just finished my first box & I will definitely continue to buy it. I’m not sensitive to caffeine really, I just like a cup a day when I wake up more as a daily ritual, so I can’t speak to whether or not it will make you jittery becaussseeee… I’m a crackhead & that simply doesn’t happen to me- even if I were to have 4 cups LOL!
Lactose Free Vanilla Creamer: I know coffee creamer is one of the worst things for you, but I can’t help ittttttt! My daily cup of Joe HAS to be sweet and creamy, and the Whole Foods by my house is impossible to go to {I’ve tried about 2736946 times, but you have to circle the parking lot for 20+ mins & stalk people who are leaving to snag a spot… Oh and there’s a designated police officer there to direct traffic AT Whole Foods at all times… did I mention that LA is awesome…? ;)} so I settle for this liquid cancer.
Feta w. Mediterranean Herbs: I don’t have dairy except for a little cheese here & there. I LOVE CHEESE. This crumbly goodness is awesome with pretty much everything I make lol.
Spicy Italian Chicken Sausage: Not necessary, but I like to remove the casing from the saus-eeeeeege, thinly slice or dice & sautée them up to throw into whatever for extra protein, or even to snack on.
Dr. Praeger’s California Veggie Burgers: I buy BOXES & BOXES of these, I truly don’t know why I’m so obsessed with them, they’re honestly not that good but they’re really satisfying when you’re hungry & only 120 cals per little burgy. 14 carbs, so I try to only eat them in the daytime & aim for 0 carbs for dinner.
Chili Lime Chicken Burgers: 150 Cals. 0 Carbs. My favorite thing right now, for sure!!!!! SOOOOOOO delicious! How I make them: {they don’t provide oven instructions} thaw in fridge for a few hours so you can separate them from each other, preheat at 350 & spray a non-stick baking sheet with a lotttt of coconut oil cooking spray to avoid a huge mess later. They’re already seasoned but I like a LOT of flavor, so I top with lemon pepper, cayenne, pink himalayan salt, and TJ’s chili lime seasoning. Bake for 30-35 mins {I might overcook mine a little because I’m so afraid of undercooking meat lol} and VOILA! I then like to slice the burgers up and put the slices in my salads, or just eat plain + cold as a snack!
Organic Turkey Meatballs: I have OD’d on the frozen turkey meatballs, but just like above & below, they’re a great and easy source of protein! I sometimes prep all 3 at the beginning of the week just to have easy protein options on hand + already made.
Turkey Burgers: 170 Cals. 0 Carbs. Same as above, just a little variety! I prefer the chicken burgers because the turkey burgers are way more fatty so they make a huge mess on my baking sheets. Also less flavorful to me, but I think it’s just all about preference!
Zucchini Noodles: Like I said, my favorite dinner to have at home with the kale pesto + feta! No joke so filling because it’s so fiber dense. I think this is like the hottest item out right now, so if you find them at your store I would stock up! My TJ’s has been sold out for weeks, so devastating 🙁 They’re frozen, I spray a pot with coconut cooking oil and simmer with a lid on it for 8+ minutes until it’s fully cooked.
Chicken Burrito Bowls: I like to buy a few of these for drunk/hangover meals LOL! But seriously, they’re pretty clean with brown rice, quinoa, peppers, corn, chicken & only 370 calories AKA I’d rather have this when I’m blacked out than sabotage my life with fast food.
Organic Red Lentil Sedanini: See above. In my later 20’s, I just KNOW that I have to avoid carbs like the plague if I want to look/feel my best, but that’s just me. However, in moments of weakness {or tipsyness} sometimes everyone needs a little comfort food! This “pasta” is simply red lentils so it’s naturally GF. It doesn’t taste like regular pasta and it has a weird consistency, but I like it in desperate times. My tip would be to overcook it so it’s extra soft, as I think it is terrible al dente. I mix it with EVOO, kale + cheese!
Organic Spanish EVOO: $5.99 high quality olive oil! EVOO is so good for you, I add a tablespoon or two to my meals whenever I can!
Coconut Oil Cooking Spray: Best cooking spray ever.
Pink Himalayan Salt: Death over table salt.
Red Pepper Powder: {Cayenne} Very hot, but I’m a spicy bitch.
Red Chili Flakes: Prefer the powder but the flakes are coo every once in awhile.
Organic Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar: SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! SHOTS! I swig ACV straight out of the bottle like the G that I am. I know, I know “that much acid is bad for youuuu, you have to dilute it!” But I’ve been doing this for years & I’m still alive and kickin, sooooo…. I also mix ACV with my favorite face mask ever {$8} as ACV is phenomenal for your skin as well.
Jalapeño Pepper Hot Sauce: We have taste tested every hot sauce that TJ’s has to offer {the proof is in my refrigerator door} and this is by far the best one. I’d say it’s a 7 on the spicy scale!
Organic Sriracha: A more tomatoey, mild, disgusting version of the OG sriracha. Not as good in any way shape or form, but I still find myself buying it religiously out of convenience, aka I never go to any other grocery stores.
Vinas Chilenas Rosario Estate Sauvignon Blanc: K no seriously… I am OBSESSED with this cheap ass wine! It’s $3 a pop & I prefer it over most fancy wines hehe. Ratchet, you say? Shut up.

Lavender Chamomile Hand Soap: The moment I’ll know that I made it is the day that my bathrooms are filled with Jo Malone hand soap! I’m such a soap freak {Yes, there are a lot of odd things you are going to learn about me as you continue to read my blog} like… if I can see that a soap dispenser contains a liquid that is pink… I’d rather wash my hands in gasoline + light my hands on fire. Or at least just use one of the 500 hand sanitizers that I keep in my purse. Anyways, this hand soap is cheap and smells really nice. A good stand-in for when I’m too lazy to trek all the way over to Bath & Body Works.
Citrus & Sandalwood Laundry Packets: $10 for a pack of 45, they get the job done + smell good.
Sandalwood Natural All-Purpose Cleaner: I can be sensitive to super chemically cleaner scents like Clorox, so I like this sometimes for just a quick little home spritz & spruce.
TP & Paper Towels: Alright, I’m going to be honest with y’all. THIS IS SOME BUDGET ASS, 1 PLY, BROKER THAN A MF JOKE toilet paper. It may feel like you’re wiping with sandpaper but hey… This is what I have to work with to avoid getting verbally + sexually molested at my other local grocery store: Rock N Roll Ralphs. The struggle is real, but its 100% worth the avoidance of aforementioned Hell hole {Who else has been to Rock N Roll Ralphs?}
Vitamin C Gummy Vits: I always wonder if the “vitamins” overrule the diabetes that I’m consuming with these gummies, but take them daily anyways.
HYALURONIC ACID SERUM!!!!!: $9. I want to tear up thinking about how much I love this product & how depressed I’m going to be when they inevitably discontinue it JUST LIKE THEY DO EVERYTHING ELSE THAT I FALL IN LOVE WITH! This is a new item and I fear that it’s only seasonal. Stock up on it while you can! It is the most amazing, hydrating, juicy serum that I’ve ever used in my entire life!!!


Fresh Flowers: Last, but most certainly not least, FRESH FLOWERS! They are so beautiful & inexpensive and I feel like there’s nothing quite like having pretty + fragrant roses in your home. Also such a nice touch to just pick up on your way to go visit a girlfriend, your mama, grandma, whoever! Bitches love flowers. And at $6 a dozen, you can’t beat it! I always buy 2 dozen because doubling up makes it look 10x more glamorous in a vase. Case in point, above! Oh & TJ’s also has the CUTEST, cheekiest greeting cards for $1! I feel like there’s nothing worse than spending $8 on a card at Target. So stock up on those for every person/occasion in your life!

All in all, this place is just amazing in every way, shape and form. The employees are SO nice, knowledgable, and helpful. The vibe is always right. The prices are always low. OH! And did you know that they have a Nordstrom-esque return policy? If you’re not fully satisfied with something for any given reason, you can return it- no questions asked! Like I bought some collagen supps there a few weeks ago that made me sick, so they just took it right off my total 🙂 Easy peasy. Below is my receipt for a typical TJ’s run. Name another grocery store where you can walk out with a week’s worth of food for less than $100, I dare you!


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  • Kelly Travis
    April, 25, 2018

    This is such an awesome list! Thank you! I saved it and I’m going straight down this list next time I go 😍😍😍

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