Vacay Prep: How To Lose 5+ Lbs in a Week {Without Cutting Wine!}

Disclaimer: My tips are not for the faint of heart {or large of appetites!} I have been refining these tips & tricks for about 10 years now, and let me tell you… They work! EG’s notorious “Ice Cube Diet” is a get skinny quick scheme that has yet to let me down {Don’t worry, you are allowed to eat more than ice cubes… But not much more, betch 😉 } While I am well aware that this is not a sustainable or even healthy way of life, it is an easy quick fix to help you get slim + trim right before a vacation or special event. Lets be honest, as women, we ALL want to feel as svelte as humanly possible, Especially if we are going to be frolicking around in a bikini. And while I wish I have been hitting the gym religiously the past few months in preparation for these beach vacays I have been #blessed with, the truth is… I’m just NOT into working out right now! {Sorry I couldn’t come up with a more creative excuse lol} But alas, I have implemented the Ice Cube Diet once again, and 24 hours from now I will be bikini clad in Cabo feeling skinny af. Prepare to say goodbye to carbs, sugary cocktails, and all things delicious & pleasurable. But soon you will be saying hellooooo to a flat tummy & lots of whistles from Mexican locals. Read on to find out how I got bikini ready in less than a week.


There are a few major keys to the Ice Cube Diet:

  1. Fasted AM Cardio. Wake up every morning and sweat out your sins, sis! I am a FIRM believer that fasted cardio is the most efficient way to melt fat. Long story short: when you do cardio in a fasted state, it targets more stubborn areas like the hips, thighs, and lower belly. If you don’t have problems with any of these areas, well… BEAT IT! Lol. Aim to do 1 hour of a cardio workout of your choice: my preference is a HIIT treadmill workout while listening to one of my Audible audiobooks! It’s crazy how awesome you will feel afterwards. While I wanted to lace up my Nikes and get my BBG on, {I know, I know, I swore I was going to start weeks ago!} I can tell you first hand that starting a difficult resistance training regime only 1 week before a vacay means only one thing: That you’re going to be sore as hell. And for me sore = puffy. I meannnn, your body IS tearing muscles and rebuilding them, nbd! Cardio is 100% the way to go if you’re looking to shed a few quickies & FAST. Bonus Points: Dry Sauna it up {I desperately wish I had access to one, I’d be in that bish daily!}
  2. Intermittent Fasting. This article is totally worth reading about the benefits of intermittent fasting. There are a bunch of different ways that you can do it, the way I do is to only eat from 12 noon – 8 pm. I have a friend who got in amazing shape from only switching up one thing: changing their eating schedule to this timeline! I was likeeee… sign me up! Obvs you need to eat clean + exercise to get shredded in any way shape or form, but try implementing this little method if you have plateau’d. It might be the game changer that you’ve been looking for! In regard to this “get slim quick scheme,” you will wake up feeling SO light every day if you abide by this schedule. And combined with the fasted AM cardio? You may feel so light that you’re going to float away! Hehe. Hey, I’m just out here trying to make my legs look the way they did when I was 8.
  3. H20. I’ve said it once & I’ll say it again, water is the ultimate beauty hack! We all obviously want to be glowing and gorgeous while on vacation. In addition to making your skin flawless, drinking a ton of water flushes your system and as I like to think, flushes fat! It also makes you feel full. Drink soooo much water that you feel like you’re going to drown… I mean it!
  4. No Sugar or Carbs. I thank the good Lord every day that I do not have a sweet tooth! So that part is easy for me. Carbs on the other hand… lets just say, I find a bread basket to be more offensive than most things. WTF are you trying to do to me, Mastros?! SABOTAGE MY LIFE?! Evil. I know it can be hard to figure out what to eat if you’re cutting carbs, so I outlined some of my Ice Cube Diet approved meals below!

You are to have 5 ice cubes for breakfast, 2 almonds for lunch, and a gust of wind for dinner. JK.

I do ALL of my grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s. We’ve been over this, TJ’s is my personal little sanctuary. I love the place! I can usually buy all of my groceries for the week for less than $50 which is absolute insanity {see above}

The goal here is to eat clean, low cal, and protein-filled. The easiest thing for me to do to prep is to make turkey meatballs + my fave chili lime chicken burgers to slice up for chicken salads during the week. TJ’s makes this amazing little bag of heaven which is an instant salad, Cruciferous Crunch which has kale, broccoli, brussels, and cabbage all chopped and ready to rock. I throw some chili limed chicken on top of the mix with a diced hardboiled egg + green goddess dressing {just avocado, cold-pressed lemon juice, basil + garlic} all together for the most DIVINE salad ever! Trust me on this. If you close your eyes & plug your nose it kinda tastes like In N Out french fries… 😉 No but seriously, it’s good. Hardboiled eggs are also your friend. Starving? Eat an egg. I also LOVE veggie burgers, specifically Dr. Praeger’s Cali veggie burger, with only a whopping 120 cals each. Is this beginning to sound like a pro-ano blog? Whatever. While cutting alcohol 100% will deliver the best results, I feel like I’m suffering enough and I do not deny myself the one simple pleasure that brings me so much joy…. Wine 🙂 I do, however, cut down to only 1 glass a night. The only ICD approved shots are ACV. I like to think of it like training for a marathon… because 99% of my vacations are extremely boozy and I have to be able to hang, right?!

The day before the vacay is a major one. If I can, I like to mask alllllllll day. As in, hair in a coconut oil drenched bun all day, a neon purple Tatcha mask on my face, and my skin dripping in self-tanner. Sexy visual, right?! What I do next may be an unpopular suggestion, but I’m just here to keep it real with y’all. I always take a water pill that afternoon to cut water weight. You have to be really careful and drink a TON of water all day or you will get super sick + an awful headache. But lawd will you wake up that next morning, the day of: TAN, hydrated af, glowy, and light on your feet with an ultra flat tummy! Oh & I dare you to step on the scale… Just do it!

There you have it, the Ice Cube Diet in all of it’s glory! All of my friends are familiar with this legendary Hell week + now, I share it with you. Take it with you on your journey, why don’t you 🙂 “Won’t you just gain the weight back the second you eat?” Maybe. That’s why you take all of your bomb photos Day 1 + the beginning of Day 2! Then let yourself enjoy. Rinse & repeat for your next event/vacay. I hope you all were entertained by the saga of my favorite way to slim down before an event!

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  • Chelsea
    April, 5, 2018

    I’ve been trying intermittent fasting too and I really like it so far! I feel more alert and have more energy. Loved reading this- you made me laugh. Hope you have fun in Cabo! 🙂


    • erikagarrett21
      April, 10, 2018

      Isn’t it crazy how great you fee!? I love it so much! Happy you enjoyed the post, thank you so much Chelsea! XOXO

  • Alycia Lawson
    April, 6, 2018

    Hey babe..For vacay prep… I might have missed this but is coffee eliminated?!

    • erikagarrett21
      April, 10, 2018

      Oh hellllll no, sis! Have as much {clean} coffee as you want!!! XOXO

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