GlowUp: Diet Pt. I


Arguably the best part of my apartment is that there is a TRADER JOES in the building. Yes… you heard correctly. I walk out of my lobby and 10 steps later I’m strolling into the late-twenties white girl’s Disneyland- Trader effing Joe’s. Or Trader Jizzie’s as Jade and I have affectionately renamed it. I’m to the point where if I overhear someone asking where a certain item is located, I just go ahead and chime in, giving them the exact latitude, longitude, and nutritional value of the item. Where’s my Hawaiian shirt and a pension, TJ? Looks can be deceiving and you have to be careful to not fall victim and get fooled by the cute packaging and witty names- many things here are ultra calorie laden and unhealthy. But if you know what you’re looking for, you can walk out of there with a week’s worth of healthy nutritious groceries for less than $40 aka the price of one green juice at Whole Foods *eye roll* Seriously! Here are my Trader Joe’s must have’s and weekly buys/what I eat in a week:

BREAKFAST: Around 11 AM (I try my best to do intermittent fasting & only eat from 11 AM – 7 PM)
Organic Eggs: I have 2 scrambled eggs for breakfast
Feta: I use a little baby sprinkle in my eggs + avo
Avocado’s Number Guacamole To Go: 100 cal packs with ingredients of JUST avocado, jalapeño, vinegar & garlic. Avocado is easy to over-do, you should only have 1/2 of one a day, max. Plus they go bad so quickly, I prefer these easy little packs!
Morning Star Veggie Breakfast Sausage Links: 2 links = 80 calories. Bomb.
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar: I take a nice big shot of this every AM & also mix it with my face masks!

Organic Baby Spinach
Bananas (I cut mine into fourths, freeze them & throw one in with my smoothie)
Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
Organic Flaxseed Meal
Vega One French Vanilla Protein + MicroGreens & Probiotics (Not found at TJ’s, but I love this powder!)

LUNCH/SNACK OPTIONS: (I try to not snack often, but if I’m starving I opt for these things)
Hardboiled eggs + “Green Goddess Dressing” (Avocado, Onion, Lemon Juice: 20 Cals!)
Dr. Praeger’s California Veggie Burgers: 120 calories, good ingredients & low carb
Tuna + a tiny bit of “Vegan Spread & Dressing” + Jalapeño Hot Sauce (best hot sauce, yum)
Fat-Free Cottage Cheese + Green Dragon Hot Sauce
Flame Broiled Turkey Meatballs (frozen) + Sriracha

Cauliflower Rice (produce section)
Zucchini Noodles (frozen)
Vegan Kale Cashew Basil Pesto: this is freaking heaven

For dinner, I usually eat out a few nights a week. When I do, I try to order something that’s a pure protein and low/no carb like a tuna tartare or sashimi. It sounds like cauli rice or zucchini noodles wouldn’t be a proper dinner, but they are so rich in fiber that it really does fill you up! Everyone’s body is different & I just look and feel my best when I cut all bread, rice, pasta, and even quinoa! I also don’t have a sweet tooth (thank goodness, I would be in trouble) and avoid sugar BESIDES my evening glass of Pinot Grigio 😉 My biggest tip is to just not keep junk food or snacks in your house so that it’s literally not an option! Although I’m always tempted to grab chips & guac, and all the naughty yummies that Trader Joe’s has to offer… But alas, I remember it’s #TheYearOfTheBikini and keep my creaky little red cart movin. What are your TJ’s must haves?! XOXO


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