My Go-To Hair Products & How I Style My Long Hair!

Yes, it’s true… my hair is FULL of secrets. Secrets that I’m finally willing to reveal to you today! There’s no denying that my hair is my security blanket. Without it, I would be nothing! I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve had the same hairstyle since I was 18 & I wouldn’t doubt if I become one of those ladies who’s still rockin’ the same do that they did in high school in their forties. Go ahead, backstalk my Instagram to the beginning of time… I’m totally not lying! Anyways, with 10 years of practice under my belt, I have picked up some great tips, products, and tools along the way. Read on to learn my tricks on how to keep your hair gorgeous, shiny, voluminous & healthy!

Gorgeous hair is the result of great haircare! I wash my hair every other day/maybe every three days with the assistance of tons of dry shampoo. If you wash your hair every day, STOP! I had to train my hair to go longer between washes, but it’s so worth it to keep your tresses moisturized. First of all, I use this crazy boar bristle brush that has made my hair grow so much!!!! It stimulates the follicles to promote hair growth and drive more nutrients to the hair, which in turn makes it super shiny and healthy looking!!! Not to mention it is THE chicest hair accessory in the game, imo. I imagine myself like Rapunzel, brushing 50 strokes with this every night before bed, and before every wash. Here is the less expensive {and 100% less pretty version, but it does the same thing!!!) After brushing, I try to do a coconut oil mask for at least an hour or two, overnight if possible before I wash my hair. I use this shampoo (double wash, always!) and this conditioner {The name is Savannah approved ;)}. If there’s one thing you should know: it is that I am OBSESSED with heavenly scents, so you can be sure that every product that I link is just that: absolutely divine. With all of the dramatic hair flips that I do daily, it’s essential that a trail of sweet smelling bliss follows me everywhere I go 😉

After washing, I towel dry and use this...  which should be the #1 MUST HAVE HAIR ITEM ON PLANET EARTH!!!!! I try to let my hair air dry at least 70% and then toss on this volume booster before I blowdry. I dry with this blow drier which is actually life-changing & TOTALLY worth it!!! I honestly don’t understand the science behind the “ion technology,” but I also don’t understand the science behind Advil. All I know is that the ish works! My trick is to blow-dry on the coolest setting until the very very end, when I blast it with heat for like 30 seconds with my fancy brush to eliminate any frizz. 2 side notes: I don’t color my hair & it is naturally super straight, so I just rough dry it- aka I do not blow it out with a round brush.

Because my hair is so straight and fine, this girl really has to WORK to get curl and volume! I spray this texture spray all over. K so seriously… Oribe is the BEST smelling product on planet earth, bar none. I want my whole house to reek of this stuff, it’s nothing short of the best smell in the whole entire world lol. You should get this smaller less expensive version to try it out for $20 bucks! Another texture spray I LOVVVVE is this. It has a lot more grit to it and will give you that perfect second day hair texture. Boys will stop you at least 10x a day to tell you that you smell good if you rock this stuff, just be prepared for it!

I use this trusty little 1 1/4 inch curling iron, and have for years! I have received far too many battle wounds trying out curling wands, I for sure need something with a clamp. Has anyone tried the T3 beach waver though? Would mama likey…?! Anyways, I section my hair off and curl 3-4 different layers in 1 inch sections away from my face. I curl small sections because like I said, it’s REALLY hard for my hair to hold curl. I spray with this and leave my hair to set lookin’ like Shirley Temple until I’m about to leave the house for maximum hold. At the very end, I oh so gently brush out the curls and do a quick easy tease all over with my brush. Hairspray again and then I use the tiniest bit of this for extra shine (and SMELL hehe, clearly a severe DryBar addict!)

Let’s talk dry-shampoo. My favorites *in order* are this, this, and this. After working out, I like to blowdry my hair (on cool, of course) for a minute, apply and rub dry shampoo into the roots, blowdry a little more, then brush out.

Annnndddd I saved the best for last… BELLAMI EXTENSIONS! Did I trick you into thinking that all of that hair is mine!? I have been wearing clip-in extensions for 10 years now & they are my everything. No, I’ve never tried any other type of extension and I don’t want to! I love clips. My natural hair is still long, just very fine and stick straight. I’ve been using Bellami for 4-5 years now. I used to wear the Piccolina 18 inch, but I’ve now graduated to the Bellisima 20 inches. I have tried out so many different brands, and LOVE the quality + price of these extensions. My color is a perfect “2” and matches my natural, uncolored hair perfectly which is one of life’s greatest mysteries! No one ever knows that I wear extensions unless I tell them. I buy a new set roughly every 3 months. They have the most gorgeous boutique here in West Hollywood on Robertson Blvd. that is so glam, I look forward to having to pick up a new weave every single time just so I can spend 5 minutes in the gorgeous space!

My last tip for a beautiful mane is, of course, proper nutrition and tons of H20 daily! I take a Hair, Skin, Nails vitamin every day & several of my other vitamins contain Biotin which I do believe helps. I also add flax to my green smoothies which is believed to promote healthy hair as well 🙂 I hope you enjoyed my little tips & tricks, please feel free to reach out if you have any questions! XOXO

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  • Ara Health Coach
    February, 28, 2018

    Seriously I love your writing style! I would def follow your recomendations since I have a super thin and sparse hair. Thanks!! 😘

    December, 1, 2018

    If you love the Moroccan Oil, you should definitely try Ouai’s Hair Oil! It smells so good and is honestly such an amazing product! I have completely converted from Moroccan Oil to this!

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