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My favorite subject! As a glam girl through and through, getting ready each day is such such a relaxing ritual for me. Some people do their best thinking in the shower, I most certainly do mine when I’m gettin’ glam. Zen AF. I do my makeup the same way every single day. It has taken me YEARS {& thousands of hours scouring the aisles at Sephora, violently swatching each shade} to refine my signature look & find all of my end all, be all, holy grail products. Now that I have found all of my FAVORITES, you would have to pry them out of my cold dead fingers to get me to give any of them up 🙂 So without further adieu, here are my absolute must have makeup products!

MOISTURIZER: Pretty makeup begins with pretty skin, and this is my ride or die facial moisturizer! “Makeup by Mario” said a few years ago that this this the only stuff he used on Kim K {they’ve since traded over to La Mer but c’mon that’s not in my budget yet!} & it’s all I’ve used ever since! I have normal/dry skin and wear it under my makeup EVERY day. Deeply nourished + perfectly prepped skin makes 100% difference of what your makeup! Amazing price for a 8.4 oz {aka HUGE} bottle, I usually only have to buy 1 a year and I am GENEROUS with my lotion! Bonus points if you use a serum under your moisturizer. I just started using this one recently & love it… Or do I just like the name “Drunk Elephant” {aka me in Cabo after the gallons of margaritas I consumed} and cute packaging!? Oh & don’t forget to do this before any skin prep! Most inexpensive + amazing beauty hack ever. Okay okay, moving right along…

PRIMER: PhotoFinish. I simply refuse to do my makeup without primer! Honestly, I’d rather go bare. Why waste my precious products on improperly prepped skin?! No but seriously, a pea sized amount of this siliconey goodness seals pores and creates the most gorgeous blank canvas and keeps makeup looking flawless all day. While PhotoFinish is my daily driver, the dreamiest primer to EVER exist is Wonderglow. I feel like as it wears, it gives you this “glowing from within” look that can’t be achieved with highlighter {Yes, I am a psychopath} I love to layer Wonderglow over a little PhotoFinish for an extra hot date or special event. {{PRO-TIP: I extra extra extra LOVE ordering from Charlotte Tilbury bc she lets you pick 2 free samples & FREE SHIPPING!}} After primer, I throw the new iconic Banana Bright Eye Cream on top because… death before fine lines. Plus it really does deliver what it says: a Kardashian banana powder under-eye look even without makeup! It’s always an instant sellout at Sephora, scoop it online for sure to avoid being disappointed when it’s unavailable in stores! Hottest eye cream of the moment with a v affordable price tag.


FOUNDATION: Born This Way in “Golden Beige” A foundation better than Facetune– you already know that’s saying a lot! 😉 Infused with coconut oil and other sexy skin perfecting ingredients, this foundation works PERFECTLY with my dry/normal skin type. What I love most about this foundation though is the COLOR. I’m a constant self-tanner, and this golden shade couldn’t be more gorg to match my tan & really warms up my face since I don’t use tanning products on it. If you don’t tan your face but maintain a medium/dark {spray} tan, this will be a God-send for you, I swear! I only use 1.5 pumps for my whole face + neck, apply with my favorite Beauty Sponge. I’m really into the “no makeup” makeup look if I’m just going to the gym or running errands around LA, so sometimes I will just wear a few pumps of this with mascara + gloss and run out the door! Perfects the skin with an undetectable “filter,” I prefer the Illumination version over the original formula!

CONCEALER: Secret Concealer in “1” Pure perfection. So pigmented and dare I say moisturizing?! The perfect amount of brightness and coverage. I warm the concealer between my fingers + then gently press in a V shape under my eyes + set withSecret Brightening Powder {Also use this powder to bake + carve out my cheek bones!}

POWDER: StudioFix Powder. “You my right haaaaaand, you my go-to” -Drake. If I were given the ultimatum to either give up coffee or StudioFix… I’d pick up a crack addiction to get me through the day. THIS IS THE BEST MAKEUP PRODUCT TO EVER EXIST!!!!!!! It delivers the most flawless matte-velvet finish and lasts all day. I use a creamy, dreamy NC35 and honestly probably go through a compact a month. I always say that there’s no better feeling on earth than cracking open a new StudioFix with a fresh gel mani. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing…

BRONZER: Bronzer in “Saddle” The most gorgeous, sun-kissed, universal, buildable bronzer. I have scoured the earth for the best shade for my skin tone and this stuff is heaven sent, I will never use anything else. I have always had the hardest time finding a bronzer, they were all either too orangey or too cool that they made me look dirty. Contour kits are absolutely out of the question for me, I’d be walking around looking like a filthy cheeked Raggedy Ann. SO pigmented so a little goes a long way & it lasts a long time.

BROWS: Brow Wiz in “Medium Brown” Enough said.

EYE SHADOW: Instant Look in a Palette. WORTH. EVERY. PENNY! I bought this over a year ago and although I’ve completely run out of the bronzer and best shadow, I will use every last crumb that exists in this palette because every single shade is BOMB!!! So much bang for your buck because it has a bronzer, highlighter, two blushes, and 3 eye shadow colors. Charlotte is seriously makeup’s Fairy God Mother, the woman is a genius and I have been ecstatic with every single product of hers that I’ve purchased. I would say that if you were to buy one thing from this post, IT SHOULD BE THIS!!! ❥❥

EYELINER: Tattoo Liner in “Mad Max Brown” Best liquid liner in the game! I prefer using a brown liner because black too harsh for me. If you’re also a brownie gal like me, you know how hard it is to find that perfect chocolatey shade. Usually they’re so dark that they look almost black, but this one is honestly the PERFECT 10 fudge color {Why so many baked goods references? Someone get this girl a cookie, damn}

MASCARA: Always & forever. + THISDeadliest combo for your sexiest, most voluminous lashes yet! I never ever ever wear fake lashes, these two do the trick baby!

LIPSTICK: Cremesheen in “Creme Cup” This is my most favorite pinky-nude of all time, and TRUST me when I say that I have tried them all!!!!! I am NOT a matte lip girl, while I am obsessed with the look on others, I truly cannot stand the feeling of dry lips. That’s why I love the Cremesheen collection, equal parts pigmented and moisturizing. Layered with the liner + gloss detailed below will 100% be your new signature lip if you try it! I will be 85 years old and still doing the same lip, mark my words they are THAT good lol.

LIP LINER: Everlasting Liner in “Lolita” Oh Lolita, you bad bitch, you. As a self-proclaimed liner whore, I have been on the longest quest to find the perfect mauvey liner. My quest came to an end when I was at a guy friend’s house several months ago and saw a little gleam of a liner peeking out of the black shag rug… I deviously looked around to make sure no one would catch me snatching up another chick’s lip product to further investigate. One swatch & I knew this was the one. Another lady’s loss was most certainly my gain in this instance and I really couldn’t be more grateful. Wherever you are, Lolita wearing Orange County angel, you may have lost your liner {and probably a shred of dignity that night} but thank you. Thank you. Thank you. #blessings

LIP GLOSS: Full-On Lip Creme in “Blushing Margarita”  This yummy gloss not only delivers the best color combo with my lipstick + liner, but it has a vanilla-mint flavor & packs enough plumper punch to make you pout a bit but not enough for your boyfriend to call 911.

FRAGRANCE: My signature scent since forever has always been Flowerbomb and has never disappointed. But since I’m a little older now, I’ve felt the urge to graduate to the next level of fragrance game. These are the YUMMIEST, clean, sassy, sexy, late-twenties appropriate scents that I dare you to try:  “Good Girl Gone Bad”, or Scent of a Dream Thissssss is the true LOTION of the goddesses, pure liquid gold! I literally bathe in this stuff daily and get compliments everywhere that I go from men. If I were you, I’d just get the perfume as well- the yummiest most feminine soft + sexy fragrance combo pack! You deserve it, sis.

BRUSHES: Complexion Goals & Eye Slay. Doing your makeup with chic little rose gold brushes just makes it that much more fun! Not to mention, these brushes are really high quality and insanely cheap.

BAG: Kissy Makeup Bag. I carry a giant Celine handbag with me wherever I go. For fashion? Nah, so I can have a fully equipped “back of tricks,” duh! Hahaha but really. I always bring at least my powder, mascara, lippy combo, mini perfume, and hairbrush with me when I’m out and about so I can touch up and always put my best face forward. Plus, with a crazy life like mine I never know where the day/night will take me! Better to be prepared, than ugly 😉 JK. Don’t “glam shame me” {Bachelor, anybody? Aka worst season ever, but more on that player here…}

So, my fellow glam girls, I hope you loved my run-down of my most coveted products! Let me know if you have any suggestions of YOUR favorites based on mine, or if you end up trying {and loving} any of the aforementioned stuff! XOXO

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  • Dafrastar
    February, 27, 2018

    Love the details here! I am still struggling to find a HG primer, but I know the Born This Way line is extending its shade range and I am looking forward to being able to try it!
    Random- Flowerbomb was my wedding scent.
    Love your blog girl. Yay for Glam!

  • Chelsea Slayter
    October, 30, 2018

    Love Charlotte Tilbury! Her stuff is so great. If you haven’t tried this brand yet you should check out Colourpop. They have such amazing makeup at the most affordable price ever. My favorite brow pencil is by them and it’s only $5!!

    Great job with the blog girl! Keep it up <3 xoxo


  • Kim
    November, 27, 2019

    I’d love to see an updated list! Love your recommendations. Dying for a makeup tutorial too!!

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