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The time has come to put your best face forward! As a chick in her late-twenties, my life has become an eternal quest to stay “Forever 21″… or at least 26! Anti-aging, glowy, radiant, and hydrating are all buzz words that get me all hot and bothered. Relate? Read on.

I keep all of my beauty routines {somewhat!} simple and relatively inexpensive. As a huge product junkie + having experience in the beauty industry {ahem, where I mostly spent my days schmoozing the execs from all of my favorite brands and successfully received billions of free expensive products!} I’ve honestly tried everything under the sun and know just when to save & when to splurge. And as the self-proclaimed Queen of Dupes, I am fascinated by researching the active ingredients + what makes so many of the cult, high-end skincare products so great– & then finding products that achieve the same result for a fraction of the price. It’s pretty common knowledge that half of the time, what makes a CULT product so lust-worthy is the exclusivity that the brand name holds + the packaging… Like, have you heard the controversy about how the ever-coveted Creme de La Mer cream, retailing at $1,130 for 8 oz, is almost the same thing as a Ponds cream, going for $13 for 14 oz? Some debating that the drugstore find is even better?! *SCREAMS* People of La Mer, I would be HAPPY to shut down this speculation once and for all if you want to send me your goods 😉 But basically, if you don’t care about having the hottest designer product on your vanity, or bragging rights on your Gram stories, I highly recommend swapping a few of your high-end products for dupes to save a few dollaz and see what happens! {More $ saved on products = More $ for my Revolve shopping fund 😉 }

I have a dry/normal skin type that was dry af + mildly breakout prone up until the past few years when I decided to amp-up my skincare game 500 notches. As a teen, I did one round of Accutane… which was a nightmare and caused scarring that I’m still working on reversing. While I think my skin is still far from perfect, it is more clear and radiant than it’s ever been in my life! I die of happiness when I receive compliments and questions about my routine because my skin is something that I was v insecure about for a long time & I’ve worked really hard to improve it!

#1 tip of LIFE: Drink a TON of water! No further explanation necessary. Fill up one of these 32 oz. bad boys {so many cute colors- I love the white, blush, and Carrara marble ones best & it will keep your drink cold/ice solid for HOURS!} 4 times in a day & BOOM! You’ve consumed a gallon of water. There is nothing more glow inducing than being properly hydrated from the inside out. If you feel like you’re going to burst from drinking so much H20- pour yourself another glass.

Cleanse. Good old CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser ($13) is hands down my favorite cleanser! Gets the job done, doesn’t leave any residue, and doesn’t strip your skin of it’s natural oils. I only use makeup removing wipes on occasion {aka when spending the night with a beau & don’t want to go full naturale quite yet, Burt’s Bees Micellar Wipes are the besttttt in the game} I just double cleanse every single time. If you’re not double cleansing, get with it sis!

Face masks. Not to be basic, but I LIVE for a good face mask moment.  I alternate my masks depending on my needs at the time, but my very favorite mask is so inexpensive & delivers the best results by FAR! Amazonian Clay Mask ($12 for 50+ uses). I mix 1 tsp with a little less than 1 tsp organic apple cider vinegar and leave it on for 30-45 minutes. It deeply cleanses your pores and when you wash it off it’s a great exfoliant. Your skin may be red for the following hour, but I love that as I feel like it’s doing it’s job! It’s all-natural and safe to do daily but I sometimes find it to be a bit drying.

DIY Dermaplaning. Life changing. I do this once, sometimes twice a week! It removes any peach fuzz + dead skin & makes your makeup go on smooth as buttttaaaaa. If you were using the Tinkle razor, your life is about to be majorly upgraded with this new razor that I found on Amazon that’s 10x better! Amazing manual exfoliator, holy grail product for only a few dollars! I do tiny strokes on completely dry + cleansed skin, followed by a rinse + serums. With my dark hair I’m pretty sure that I walked around as The Bearded Lady for my whole life and no one ever told me… I could NOT live without these! Watch here for a demo.

Ice Roller. A ritual that I simply cannot live without! I ice every single time I wash my face. De-puffs, firms, and massages the skin helping to avoid wrinkles. Increases blood circulation, minimizes pores, and promotes that healthy radiant glow that we are ALL looking for! I also take it down and ice under my chin & neck to help de-puff and contour the jawline. You already know it’s the key ingredient of my hangover cure regimen as well 😉 Icing is a beauty tip that I learned my fab Mama who would always wear those 90’s jelly iced eye masks in the morning to de-puff lol. Modern day version: I use this stainless steel ice roller that I keep in my freezer & roll away until it’s warm. Using an ice cube is NOT the same thing!

MicroNeedle DermaRoller. Game changerrrr. These tiny needles stimulate collagen and cell turnover. I do this at night 2-3 times a week. I cleanse + then apply a thin layer of either a potent Retinol or Virgin Marula Oil, roll over my entire face for a minute or so and then apply another layer RIGHT AFTER I’m done rolling. It helps the product penetrate 10x deeper. If you’re gentle, it’s also safe enough to roll over your under-eyes and lips to stimulate collagen in those sensitive, premature aging prone spots! Okay honestly, this can HURT after so you need to be really careful with your pressure! The first time I did it, my face was as red as Satan’s asshole and it STUNG for hours. I do my cheeks, chin, and forehead with the same little routine: very small rolling motions up + down, then side to side, then diagonally both ways for about 30 seconds and then move on to the next section.

Blackhead Remover. I guess any mystery and demure tendencies I may have had before  has all gone out the window LOL. But let’s face it… Our little noses are the hardest thing to get perfectly clean! I struggled with a bumpy, blackhead prone nose until… I BOUGHT THE MOST AMAZING CONTRAPTION ON EARTH a few weeks ago! Before this, NOTHING worked! I tried every Pinterest DIY and Biore strip out there, and still resembled a prickly pear. So when my girlfriend Natalie posted this “beauty suction device” aka “blackhead vacuum straight from heaven” on her Insta story, I purchased it immediately. With 1 day shipping!!!! I could NOT wait to get my hands on this thing. When it arrived, I watched at least 100 Youtube tutorials and reviews {all mixed} until I felt brave enough to test it out myself. What happened next turned out to be a bit of fiasco, but hey! You live and you learn… better yet… I’ll live & learn FOR you so you don’t have to suffer the consequences like I did! So I started with my nose and used

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! After cleansing & ice rolling I use a Hyaluronic Serum from Trader Joes, it’s only $8 and AMAZING! I let it sink in for a minute and follow with Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream ($20) & then Kiehl’s Ultra Moisturizer ($30) all over. Before applying makeup I slather on more eye cream to avoid dry under-eyes at all costs: Ole Henrickson Banana Bright is heaven sent ($38) & ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS Smashbox Photo Finish Primer before any makeup to achieve a poreless flawless look! Always.

Satin Pillowcase. I have been sleeping on a silky satin pillowcase ($20) since high school. It’s much more gentle on your skin and hair as opposed to cotton which can pull and cause damage. I have always been a side/tummy sleeper but when skin becomes life, you learn to sleep on your back, which is what I have tried to do the past year lol.

TAN!!!!! A pretty tan is the easiest way to make you look and feel SO much better. I have tried every single thing on the market (including St. Tropez, Loving Tan, and all of the other crazy expensive Australian brands) and honestly swear by FakeBake products. I alternate between the Flawless Darker ($28) spray or Coconut Oil Serum ($31) applied with a velour mitt. I used to love spray tans but felt like after day 3 I would get flaky splotchy reptile skin, so now I just self-tan every time I go out. For extra perfect (arguably too perfect lol) legs, use Sally Hansen’s Leg Makeup ($10). Medium is definitely dark enough to party. I mix mine with 1/2 lotion because the effects could appear to be a little nude stockings-y, but it will smooth your legs like no other! Facetune “SMOOTHER” in a tube, lol. This stuff is waterproof and hardcore af, I would not dare to wear daisy dukes without it. If you can’t tone it, tan it 😉 I am naturally fair and avoid the sun like the plague, but love a bronzed look more than anything. All of my girlfriends can vouch, if they call me & I’m getting ready theres a 90% chance that I need to call them back because I’m “doing my tan.”

Preventative Botox. I’ve had Botox done twice now and I love it! The first time was right before my 27th birthday. You know when you open your camera and it’s accidentally on the front facing camera and you get a heaping dose of reality!? LOL. The lines in between my eyebrows were driving me nuts! So I went to a great doctor and got 25 units in my forehead, focusing on that middle part between the brows. He told me that it’s crucial to go to a very experienced injector, as the muscle between your brows is very narrow and one wrong poke could give you the appearance of a DEAD BROW! Say no more, doc. Anything that pertains to your face is so worth the investment, don’t try to save a few bucks and go to a janky injector! I wish I would’ve started Botox sooner and look forward to trying other injectables in the future.

Sweat/Steam. If we’re aiming to live our life like a lululemon bag, we are encouraged to sweat daily lol. Whether its from an intense workout, sauna, steam, or a long hot shower, there are so many nasty toxins that can only be eliminated from your body through a deep sweat. If these toxins aren’t removed from your body, they will wreak havoc + reveal themselves on your face. Ew. I personally take a steam shower daily, and that keeps the skin all over my body baby soft. I also have been known to keep my little face over my boiling pot of water for the 7 minutes that I make my hardboiled eggs each week lol.

Nutrition + Supplements. I take several different supplements daily that I think directly effect my skin health! The first is a Hair, Skin, Nails vitamin & the other is a Super B Complex. Call me crazy, but if I don’t take these I feel like my skin is a few notches duller. I also notice a big difference when I drink my green smoothies regularly (recipe to come!) It’s jam packed with beauty boosting nutrients + microgreens. I eat very clean and avoid sugar like the plague (besides my one true love, Pinot Grigio) and again, of course, H20 is the #1 KEY TO LIFE!!! Greens + FIBER + healthy fats = GLOWING JLO SKIN! Which is why each night, I eat my sautéed cruciferous crunch salad {kale, brussels, cabbage + broccolini} with cauli rice {FIBERY AF} + vegan kale pesto with extra EVOO for dinner!

I know that these aren’t revolutionary tips, but this is the way that this lady on a budget totally transformed her skin! Let me know if you implement any of these little tricks into your beauty routine & how they work for you! XOXO

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  • Gemma
    October, 29, 2018

    Loved reading this!

  • Sarah
    November, 6, 2018

    I seriously bought like 5 new face products from this! So stoked to try the Marula oil

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